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Looking_ahead is a ADN, RN and specializes in School.

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  1. Looking_ahead

    staff rights

    Hey all, I work at a private school, 1 month into school nursing in the midst of our current pandemic. Administration wants me to come up with a flyer on “staff rights.” Currently a staff member has tested positive for covid and its spreading like wildfire. Any tips or sources I can reference? Thank you all! I will take anything to kick start some creativity!
  2. Looking_ahead

    More questions!

    I just recently posted as I am new to school nursing. (thank you all soo much for the indo) Few more Qs Individual Health Plan- who creates these? The students PCP? Should this be done for asthmatics or does asthma action plan cover it? I have a student who has one but its two years old- as long as I ask Mom if anything has changed thats OK? What if a student is epileptic but hasn't had a seizure for years/since infancy? Is an individual health plan/action plan always needed? )I ask because sometimes it can be difficult to get anything from parents! Do you all chart on AEDs/daily checks etc at your school? Do you count controlled meds every shift? Looking for things I may have missed as I walked into this role with almost no training.
  3. Looking_ahead

    New to this

    Hey all, I am new to school nursing and have a thousand questions. I was hired at a private school with about 40 ish students? Right now half or so are online. I don't have a lot of guidance from above, my supervisor is not a nurse. Asthmatics- one students mom said she no longer needs her inhaler. I documented this. do I need a note from physician? I need to have students parents send in inhalers- how do I implement an asthma action plan? do I need one for all kids with inhalers? do I ask parents to get them filled out or do I speak to provider myself? admin said its OK for all meds to be brought in on bus even controlled bc many students only transport available is bus how do I document recieving this? I have no proof of them documenting it before from what I can see. mainly concerned about the controlled med. A student with adhd needs her meds brought in- I cant find evidence that last year there was a count sheet for this should I print a generic one? should it go in her file when done? thank you all for your guidance!
  4. Looking_ahead

    Overwhelmed by nursing info?

    Hi everyone- quick question I am currently doing my prereqs and I am trying to familiarize myself a bit with some of the stuff I might see in nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else came on the site before getting into nursing school and how they felt about the info they saw? (care plans, drug information, other stuff discussed on this board etc) I am already extremely intimidated and feeling overwhelmed - like my brain can't handle all this info or comprehend it lol... Is this a sign already?
  5. Looking_ahead

    A bit frustrated in school/nursing career

    Thanks for your answers, you really made me feel a bit more motivated that I can be a nurse. Part of the reason I want to become a nurse, besides doing something that can help atleast one person, and stop being so self-involved, is because of these insecurities, and I am determined to work through them. NothingsImpossible4U! Wow. I really relate to the beginning of your post- I started off in college to become a teacher, but I lost interest. Ive ALWAYS wanted to become a nurse, never thought I could do it, and pushed it aside. Always admired my friends for becoming nurses, and the onest hat are currently in nursing programs, I am constantly trying to fish information from them, same with my sister who is a new nurse. I am going to continue on my path of doing pre-reqs. I am currently a home health aide, never thoughrt I could do that, take care of the elderly and be social/responsible? Didn't think I had it in me, but I proved myself wrong and keep trying to better myself!
  6. Looking for some tips.... I am currently in pre-nursing and I constantly go back and forth on whether nursing is right for me. I have written here before about it but I have been doing some thinking and would really like some honest opinions. There are many reasons why I would like to be a nurse, and I know there aer a lot of negatives about it. But lately it's like all I can think of is why I wouldn't be a good nurse. I just read an article about College Grads Being Unprepared for Adulthood and I kinda wanna talk about it... I read about a lot of college students and I could totally relate. I think I struggle with comprehension of concepts and skills, I am kind of one of those people who goes "Wait, what?" and I'll ask you to repeat it or I'll have to do it a couple times before I understand it, I can't just listen and get it. I know I need to have good critical thinking as a nurse, and I worry I don't, maybe I can improve on that, but I am not sure. Also, I just plain lack motivation and time management at the moment. I put off alllll my homework and if something is complicated I get extremely lazy and try to find mental short cuts. It's like, if it looks difficult, it almost gives me a headache and I just don't want to go near it, which is a horrible quality to have! Along with the fact that I am timid and shy, (It has gotten worse over the past year) I am only 19, so I am reallly hoping that these are things I can improve on as I get older, but its tough because I just want to figure out my career path and there are times where I totally think I could be a great nurse.
  7. Looking_ahead

    Critical thinking struggles

    Does anyone else struggle with critical thinking? Ex. Being asked an in depth question and not finding the right words to answer until someone says something and you thik "yes! That's what I wanted to say" or reading something and not understanding it, then going back later and it's more clear? Any tips? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone. I was hoping some of you could give me an idea of a typical "day in the life" in nursing school including when you study and all that. I am currently taking my pre-reqs and looking for some tips. Also, when do you delegate free time? I am trying to prepare myself as much as possible for what's to come and kinda freaking myself out that I can't do it in the process. One more thing (and that's it for the questions! Lol) did you all find that your classmates were more friendly in nursing school/wanted to form study groups more willingly?
  9. Looking_ahead

    Shy, timid pre-nurse

    Thanks for the helpful answers guys! It would really be a challenge for me to be an EMT- I would definitely surprise myself, haha. Definitely need to work on assertiveness, people tell me I'm "too nice." But I also don't like to feed into the workplace drama/egos, which is probably a good thing. Did you guys go into nursing school confident about your choice? Or were you kinda like "I want to be a nurse!" with some doubts, confusion, nerves? I worry it is too early for me to be thinking the worst. I guess I am also afraid that I am not capable of remembering all of the information and critically thinking. But wow, to be able to say I was a nurse and get through nursing school, and have a job helping people would be amazing.
  10. Looking_ahead

    Shy, timid pre-nurse

    Hi everyone, currently taking pre-reqs for nursing. This is something that I struggle highly with, and is a huge obstacle for me and makes me question whether I have the abilities to actually be a good nurse. I am shy, and sensitive. I also suffer from some depression and other things so that is definitely a huge factor. I basically lack a lot of confidence, it's been a tough year for me. I know that these things need to change in order for me to handle myself as a nurse. A part of me wants to throw in the towel and tell myself that I don't have the qualities to become a nurse. i am currently a home health aide and was totally thrown into it with no prior experience. Sometimes my clients will be very mean and there have been a couple times where I needed to just go in the other room and cry a little because I felt incompetent/overly sensitive. But when I am able to care for a client and feel confident doing so, and making them feel happy, its a great feeling. I know this is a big challenge, but I really want to improve my confidence and just be more assertive. It would really make me feel like an all around better person if I could improve these things and become a nurse. Can anyone relate or give me some tips? Is there hope?
  11. Looking_ahead

    Experience as a home health aide

    Unfortunately, my agency is very lax. I don't believe we are even in contact with the clients doctor. My boss rarely calls me back and I think she sees it as "babysitting." when I went into this clients home all she told me was that he suffered from aphasia. She doesn't really check up on her clients nor her HHAs.
  12. Looking_ahead

    Experience as a home health aide

    So can just say, I'm at work right now and I feel really awful. My client was totally unresponsive and unwilling to do anything today. It took me an hour with him to get a change of sweatpants and I got so far as to get new depends on him but could not get the old ones off. And he has been in them all day. He isn't able to really comprehend what I'm saying so he would grab his sweatpants and say "no no no no! Stop" when I would try to get the depends off. Guys got a strong grip. I couldn't even get him back upstairs to try again later. Plus my boss didn't answer her calls - as you can tell I work for a wonderful agency. Haha. Anyway I totally feel negligent right now
  13. Looking_ahead

    Experience as a home health aide

    Idk about anyone else but the whole "client refusing brief changes" really stressed me out because I was afraid of bein negligent but I was also nervous because I knew I wasn't being pushy enough with these clients, as I literally walked into this whole thing BLIND. And with the technique, I kind of would grab a book and start talking about it and it would distract him enough where I could put on his briefs and remove the old ones quickly do he didn't feel do "naked" if that makes sense. But the book thing was the ticket!
  14. Looking_ahead

    Experience as a home health aide

    Hi everyone! So here is a bit of my background. I am currently taking pre-reqs for nursing school and work as a home health aide. I was EXTREMELY nervous about being up close and personal with people, and having the confidence and skills to take care of patients. My experience being a home health aide has really helped me a lot, I don't exactly enjoy my job because I work a lot for a client that is really tough to work with, and she can be mentally exhausting. She can be very mean and belittling, especially because of the onset of Dementia. There have been times working with her that have just made me wanted to just about cry and think I cannot be a nurse. (I tend to be really sensitive about things, and felt totally thrown into this experience--boss hired me with no experience and gave me ZERO training, plus I am somewhat shy/timid) I've had a lot of anxiety over the whole nursing thing, because I struggled with having the confidence to do some things like changing my clients, because they can be very difficult. I definitely would go home beating myself up over things I should have done better, but this is my first experience with this type of work and I'm sure a lot of people have felt this way. But, as time has gone on, I am slowly getting a lot better at these things and coming out of my shell. My other client tries just about anything in his power not to be changed (He even does this with his wife- can ya blame him though?) and I struggled a lot at first, I felt like I could never become a nurse because I couldn't even change this client and was afraid I lacked the confidence/people skills. But I finally figured out a technique that worked when I changed him! I felt a HUGE sense of relief and I feel way more confident about the whole nursing thing. Other things have come pretty naturally to me, and have felt really rewarding, especially feeling like I am putting them at ease is a great feeling when they respond well. Overall, I know that I am going to be faced with a lot of challenges in nursing school, but just something as simple as being able to change this client made me feel so much more confident and helpful. Sorry for this being so long winded, basically I was wondering if anyone else struggled with confidence/people skills, maybe felt a little too sensitive about tough pts/clients but have worked through it? My next goal is to get CNA certified. I am looking forward to being in a nursing home setting and hoping to get used to all the gross stuff, along with improving my people skills, but also nervous about it. But that one little achievement with my client has made me feel like I am more capable than I thought.
  15. Looking_ahead

    Wondering if nursing is right for me

    Hi everyone, I am a pre nursing student who is considering applying to my local college for a 2 year associates degree. But I'm nervous about going to this field. There is so much that I would enjoy about nursing because I want a career where I feel meaningful and helpful, along with feeling knowledgable! I have always wanted a medical career. But I am nervous about some things, especially nursing school. I'm pretty shy, so I really need tO work on standing up for myself and get some confidence. I am also nervous about the whole grossness factor, I'm currently a home health aide who takes care of a woman with dementia and when I need to clean up her puke or stool, I can get pretty grossed out. Plus I'm nervous about all the incasive procedures is have tO do, I just hope I could get over my fears and do my best care. Nursing is something I really admIre and if I could get through these obstacles, I would have a lot of fulfillment. Anyone out there have similar fears/became a nurse and got through these fears? Any tips? Sorry I'm on my phone so my grammar is probably kinda wacky. I am going to shadow my RN sister next week at her job, really hoping it doesn't scare me away.