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  1. aggie313

    Business major at UC school transfer to nursing?

    I'd finish up your bachelors while completing prereqs and gaining volunteer experience then apply to ELMSN programs to become a NP. It's the fastest route I think if being a NP is your end goal.
  2. aggie313

    ASN/BSN/or Accelerated MSN?

    I would knock out the prereqs at a community college and get some healthcare volunteer experience and obtain letters of recommendation and apply to an entry level masters nursing program. I just graduated from one and will be starting a family practice job as a FNP in 2 weeks.
  3. aggie313

    I know these are annoying.... but advice needed!

    I graduated from undergrad in 2010 and just graduated from my FNP program last week. I had a 3.28 undergrad GPA and some volunteer stints, never had any paid healthcare experience. GPA isn't everything. Interview is very important. Really emphasize commitment to the underserved, nursing schools love that.
  4. aggie313

    FNP at Planned Parenthood

    For those FNPs who work at PP, can you tell me how you like it there, day to day activities, level of mentorship, etc. I'm interested in applying there once I graduate.
  5. qwerty17 Can I ask which NP track you are in?
  6. aggie313

    Transfer from UC to Nursing School ?

    Fellow Aggie here. I was in the same boat you were. I'd say to get any health care exp you can whether it be paid or not, especially with underserved populations. Nursing schools love that kind of stuff. There are 7 student run clinics in Sac affiliated with the UCD School of Medicine you can try to volunteer with - I think that helped me a lot in getting into programs. I didn't decide on nursing until my junior yr, graduated in 2010 and now will graduate with my FNP in 2013. It's a great time to get into nursing.
  7. aggie313

    Advice--Where to go from here. Med School?

    Liz, My advice is to apply to as many direct entry NP programs as you can that guarantee you the NP track of your choice and see where you get in. Some are as little as 1.75 years to as long as 4 years. I'm 24 right now and started the direct entry NP program at 23 and am 1 year away from graduating with my FNP. I also think going the NP route will be more conducive to having a family in the future if you are headed towards that path.
  8. aggie313

    Unpaid internship to gain NP experience

    BC, Which prof resume service do you recommend?
  9. aggie313

    ELMSN extracurriculars

    For those of you in ELMSN programs, what did you do besides work as a RN (my program is too accelerated to do that) during your program to beef up your resume and be more competitive post graduation?
  10. aggie313

    FNP Cal State LA or CSULB?

    The FNP I shadowed in socal said she refuses to precept students from schools with no contracted affiliation with her practice (i.e. CSULB and CSULA) and urged me to go to a school that found preceptors for you to avoid unnecessary frustration.
  11. aggie313

    ANP or GNP?

    FNP ftw!
  12. aggie313

    Seattle U - APNI 2012

    No worries about being on the younger end of the spectrum. There's 2 students who graduated from college 1 month before the program started and a couple others who graduated 1 year before. And some have never had paid/real world work experience and they're doing just fine. Better to start earlier than later I think...:)
  13. aggie313

    Who Cares About Nurse Theorists?

    seriously...the times when i'm sitting through nursing theory are when I wish I was in PA school....
  14. aggie313

    what made you choose NP over PA?

    PA schools required paid healthcare exp and I only had volunteer exp so that left me with the NP route.
  15. aggie313

    I hate being a nurse

    SJERN, Being a NP is the way to go to get out of this bedside nursing mess. I'm in a elmsn fnp program and I'm so thankful for that because I can go through the rn portion in a year and head straight into the fnp portion. A friend just graduated from the program and is now working as a FNP in a peds clinic and loves her job...no crying on the way to work for her :)
  16. aggie313

    Retail Clinic salaries

    I was wondering what the avg salary is for FNPs in retail clinics such as minute clinic and take care health clinics. And what about per diem shifts? I'm seriously considering working in such a setting a few years after getting some experience.