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  1. pink.berry

    Travel buddy?!

    I'm originally from California but am working in Atlanta right now. This will be my first traveling gig so I'm still waiting on a license, that's why I wouldn't be able to start until mid to late January. I've talked to American Mobile just because they have so many openings in CA but am open.
  2. pink.berry

    Rush vs TCU

    I chose and was assigned Tampa! I love Tampa General, it's a big teaching hospital on the water that has everything and would love to be around constant sunny weather for 16 months. I'm from neither Florida nor Texas so I like how I'll be able to be in different areas throughout the course of the program. Hbu?
  3. pink.berry

    Rush vs TCU

    I'm in a similar boat as you, torn between UMiami and TCU... am now leaning towards TCU because it's cheaper, seems like a super solid supportive environment, and would allow me to save a good amount of money/travel working the first eight months. Which program did you like better?
  4. pink.berry

    Travel buddy?!

    Illbeanrn- I'm trying to do some travel in California as well, but in January! If you'd be open to starting then, i might be interested. Unfort I don't have enough posts to PM
  5. pink.berry

    University of Miami Class of 2017 DNP-A

    Looking to see if any of my fellow classmates are out there! Looking for a roommate for the Coral Gables area :)
  6. pink.berry

    Emory Fall 2012 RN Residency

    Hi Everyone, I got a spot in the program and was looking for a roommate to share an apt near EUH starting early August or later. Just reply if interested and we can chat :)
  7. pink.berry

    Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application

    How was the open house macl?