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I need advice! DNP-A or MSN?


I know this topic has been butchered to death in other threads but just want some others opinions. I'm seriously torn, I got into a higher ranked 27 month MSN CRNA program in a great city that has a really solid, supportive program. Also got into a lower ranked 36 month DNP CRNA program where I would be in the second DNP class ever. This program doesn't seem bad, good clinical sites, just comes with the usual bumps in the road from being a guinea pig class. I'm in my early 20's so will be working for at least another 30 years. What do you guys think?

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It is hard to state an opinion without knowing the programs.


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I went to a MS-A program rather than a DNP program because I really have no interest in the things that the DNP offers. I just want to be a great clinical practitioner. Plus I figure I can always go back if I want to/need to someday.

I'd go to whichever school will give you the most thorough education in anesthesia. From the beginning, my school has made it clear that we are being trained to be independent practitioners because we all could be someday. This means they work hard to get us the best and most well rounded clinical experiences that they can. I would hate to be in a program that doesn't hold this same mentality.

I was in the same position and I chose the MSN program. My program is excellent and provides an exceptional clinical experience. My goal as a graduate CRNA is to be strong clinically and trained to become an independent CRNA. I'm in a MS program so I'm relieved from all the nursing "fluff" classes. My program is heavily science based, which I believe is much more relevant and beneficial than all the nursing theory classes. I do plan on getting my DNP, but I prefer to do it while I'm working. I would definitely go to the program that will give you the best clinical experiences. 28 months sounds so much better to me than 36 months. For me, it's now 26 more to go :) It all really depends on what you want out of your education though. Good luck!

Mully, would you mind telling me what program you are in? I plan on applying to schools this year and only want to apply to those that will prepare me to work independently.

Pink.berry, which did you decide to attend?


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I PM'd ya