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  1. Go-GetterRN

    Rant: DNP is a joke

    There are many DNP and DNAP programs that do not sacrifice clinical experience for 'research' or other fluff. Sudents in these programs tend to get more clinical time before graduating (24 months vs 16-18) with minimal distraction from classes since most classes are completed in the first year when students are not in clinical. I personally have applied to Doctorate programs as well as a Masters program. I like the thought of having a DNP/DNAP after 3 years and being DONE with school. But on the other hand, completing a program in 24 months and being able to work and get back to a normal life a full year sooner sounds amazing.
  2. Go-GetterRN

    Texas Wesleyan University CRNA 2016

    Haven't heard a word from TWU, even regarding an interview. They are kind of behind the ball compared to other programs I applied to, but they also take 100 more students than the other places.
  3. Go-GetterRN

    LSUHSC vs Bryan College for Nurse Anesthesia?

    What did you decide happyoxide??
  4. Go-GetterRN

    Don't like nursing at all, what can I do with my BSN?

    Get an easier job. M-F at urgent care or a doctor's office. Surgery, PACU, Home Health, school nurse, etc. There are a million things you can do as a nurse, so theres no sense in being somewhere you hate.
  5. Go-GetterRN

    LSUHSC vs Bryan College for Nurse Anesthesia?

    Congrats! Sounds like both programs have a lot to offer. Is either closer to your home or family/friends? Would you rather have more experience with central lines or regional blocks when you graduate? Also, did the program faculty seem nicer and/or more organized at one place or the other? You are going to have to deal with them for 3 years lol.
  6. Go-GetterRN

    Texas Wesleyan University CRNA 2016

    Yes, and the dates you interview vary depending on your clinical site. The school has to communicate with the clinical affiliates to come up with a date and time, so it will be different depending on where all you applied. I'm pretty sure they interview ALL applicants who meet the requirements. Technically, there is no reason to worry until after your interview.
  7. Go-GetterRN

    Applying to a program due for accreditation

    Thanks for the input, you make good points. I will definitely take all of your suggestions into consideration!
  8. Go-GetterRN

    Applying to a program due for accreditation

    The program's graduates have had good pass rates on the certification exam, and they have had low attrition rates. I don't really know what else to look at as far as getting re-accredited is concerned. My main question is, would the program continue if they did NOT get re-accredited? And, would students be eligible to take the certification test after graduating?
  9. Go-GetterRN

    Applying to a program due for accreditation

    One of the CRNA progams I applied to is up for re-accreditation on the first year I would be in the program. I need some advice. Is it risky to attend a program that is due for re-accreditation? If I get in, and they do not get re-accredited, would I be out of luck until I can apply somewhere else in a year? Or would they carry on with classes while they work on getting accredited again? I would hate to choose to attend this program over other ones I applied to, then it not get re-accredited. Any CRNAs or SRNAs please feel free to let me know what you would do.
  10. Most programs want you to have a bachelors in nursing to apply. Others would let you apply with your current bachelors degree as long as you meet all the other requirements. Look where you want to apply and get what they want. Either way, you're looking at 2-4 years before you can apply since you need to get a nursing degree and work in ICU for a year.
  11. Go-GetterRN

    Texas Wesleyan University CRNA 2016

    Hmm, still haven't heard anything from them. I got in somewhere else a few weeks ago so it might be their loss for waiting lol. What clinical site are you interviewing for EVOXRN?
  12. Go-GetterRN

    Just a few questions

    I cant imagine they would care where you complete your BSN. Science classes, pharmacology, etc are the classes they really care about. I agree that if it was between you and another candidate that were totally equal, then they MIGHT compare where you got your BSN at. I bet they would more likely compare your science grades and where you took those at first though. Save money and look into other ways to make your application look better.
  13. Go-GetterRN

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA Interview helllppp!

    Congrats! People who interviewed last year said there wasn't a test. Which site are you interviewing at/for?
  14. Go-GetterRN

    Still on orientation....need a letter of recommendation

    Why not get your previous supervisor from the NICU to be a reference if it was only a few months ago?
  15. Go-GetterRN

    RN tired of feeling like a waitress

    If you are ashamed to have the word "nurse" in your title, please do something else.
  16. Go-GetterRN

    University of Kansas- CRNA interview tips please!!!!

    Nothing yet..hopefully waiting for an interview invitation letter or something. What about you? Good luck!