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  1. lady_stic

    MTSA Interview

    @crnahopeful Wow. I've heard that this junior class were abnormally arrogant. You must be the president of the club.
  2. lady_stic

    CRNA Admission chances?

    You'll get in if you really want to. Apply and see!
  3. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    You're really hung up on that. I certainly didn't mean that you knew "nothing." That must've really hurt your feelings. One thing that we can agree on is that @wtbcrna is an excellent resource. I've learned a lot from him over the years.
  4. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    I see that you're still hung up on my poor choice of words. Let me clarify that I didn't literally mean that you knew "absolutely nothing" about CRNAs. I forgot how careful I have to be on these sites with my word choices. Now that we got that out of the way, I did not call you names, curse at you and I don't believe that I was disrespectful. If we were in the professional setting, we would not be having this discussion because I don't bring politics into the workplace. Even if I did, exactly what would you not stand for? I merely voiced my opinion and still stand by what I said. It's a great pet peeve of mine when people make statements about something that they aren't knowledgable about. I was in DC last weekend and the state capitol several months ago talking with legislators, attempting to prove that we're safe and capable of doing a job that we've been doing for over 150 years. Some of the legislators in DC didn't even want to meet with us "nurses." If you were a SRNA or CRNA and actually knew the true expertise and knowledge that a CRNA holds and that most run their cases independently with the MDA peeking in from time to time, you'd understand my frustration. I'm the first one to offer support to future SRNAs and I do wish you the best in your endeavors. However, this profession can't handle too many more CRNAs that don't view themselves as independent providers. That thought process is weakening the profession. The ASA would like the public to believe that AAs and CRNAs are interchangeable and CRNAs that aren't confident in their skills will only facilitate their cause. I've met several CRNAs that work in an ACT environment and are still great critical thinkers and excellent practitioners, so I'm not even suggesting that every CRNA should work independently. However, I do believe that ALL CRNAs should think independently and not use MDAs as a crutch because we don't have to. If you would quit focusing on semantics and my words choices maybe you can understand what I'm trying to say. Again, I'm not being harsh or disrespectful, just direct. That's how everyone was in the ICU and that's how everyone is in the OR. Oops...that's an absolute statement...99%. I haven't had one person that I've worked with label me as rude or unprofessional. I've heard a lot worse said to me in the OR, so I think you'd be pulling a lot of people to your office. I do apologize if my delivery rubbed you the wrong way but I can't say I apologize for my stance. Thankfully for me, we have more tactful posters that have said exactly what I intended and you appear to be more receptive. I guess I've gotta work on my political correctness. Guess I've gotten used to being beaten up on in the OR that it's rubbing off. Yikes!
  5. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    Rhetoric is not my priority right now especially when I'm typing a response on my iPhone in a doctor's office. "Potential CRNA", current CRNAs with your mentality, whatever...you very well get the point. What was your purpose of posting that definition? I know what a CRNA does and I've seen CRNAs practice is various settings with various levels of autonomy. I've already said my $.02. Best of luck to you.
  6. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    AA is certainly not a dying profession. The ASA is actually very aggressively attempting to get them licensed in other states with Texas being one. If it were up to the ASA, they would replace all CRNAs with AAs. I'm sure you know why.
  7. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    Even the most reasonable person can get pissed off by ignorance sometimes. You have absolutely NO idea what a CRNA does and that is evident by your remarks. Considering the political battles that I'm already fighting as a SRNA, your comment really got under my skin. We already have anesthesiologists denouncing us and lying to the public about our capabilities. We also have apathetic CRNAs that only want their check. The last thing we need are pre-CRNAs that are coming into the profession with FALSE beliefs that we NEED supervision. It's CRNAs like you that weaken our profession. You seem like a fairly intelligent person...shadow a CRNA before you try to comment on what you don't know. I wouldn't shadow at a teaching hospitals with residents where the CRNAs have absolutely no autonomy.
  8. lady_stic

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    "Unlike others on this website, I look forward to advanced and prolonged mentoring by physicians once I am in practice. I see it as tantamount to residency training/apprenticeship, and I think oversight by an anesthesiologist is a very good thing. You've gotta be kidding me. Become an AA, MDA, PA or whatever but we don't need anymore slave minded CRNAs in this field. Based on your statement, you have no clue what an adequately trained CRNAs skills are like. The best CRNAs don't "need" an ollie and I wouldn't let a lot of ollies that I've worked with even do a MAC anesthetic on me.
  9. lady_stic

    can i really get into crna school

    I can definitely relate because I've been through the same thing. I suppose if I was more discouraging, I could be solidifying my job security like many CRNAs do. I don't believe in that, however. What's meant for you is meant for you and I won't be the one to deter anyone from following their dreams. One thing you'll find out is that anesthesia is extremely political. It could be considered blasphemy among CRNAs saying that "AAs are good at their jobs." :) I'm a SRNA btw...almost done with my first year. I sent you a PM with my email if you have any additional questions. I'm not sure if you can receive PMs yet.
  10. lady_stic

    can i really get into crna school

    Yes, you can get in and absolutely stay in. No doubt about that. It's the hardest thing you'll probably ever do but it's such an awesome journey and well worth it. Several of my classmates only have a year of ICU experience...granted most trained at high acuity level 1 centers. I'm not taking anything away from ICU experience. I believe the intuition and 6th sense you gain as as an experienced ICU nurse is great but it's not the end all be all like people make it out to be. Think about it...years ago, ICU experience wasn't even required for acceptance to CRNA school. AAs don't have any prior medical experience at all. I may be opening a can of worms but you get my point.
  11. lady_stic

    Advice for Aspiring CRNA

    Key word: WANT. Every nurse wants to become an APRN but how many actually implement it? I've known so many people that have said they were gonna take that path but never did. Do what you love. I love anethesia...I just couldn't imagine doing anything that I would enjoy as much. As far as jobs, you won't have options like you would as a RN but there are jobs out there and the money is still there are well. Then again, you couldn't pay me $300k to be a bedside nurse for the rest of my life so it's not about the money for me.
  12. lady_stic

    FNP Student dropping out in hopes to become a CRNA

    Yup! Did the exact same thing. Same cumulative GPA. I did take advanced patho and adv health assessment in NP school which probably helped. You'll have to make sure everything else is strong to make up for your GPA...GRE, recommendations, shadowing, additional classes, leadership roles, certifications, great ICU experience. I did those things and applied to several schools because I wanted to get in the first time. You can 100% get in if you want to but it's hard work. Staying into CRNA school is even harder. If anesthesia is what you want though, it's well worth it. I absolutely love it and I'm stressed, tired and broke! Yet, I still look forward to going to clinical. Never felt that way as a bedside nurse. I don't care what anyone has to say about it but I didn't care for being a bedside RN at all...but I LOVE anesthesia. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  13. lady_stic

    can i really get into crna school

    I've gone through the same thing you did and guess what? I'm in school now and doing amazing! You'll do great as well! They treated me terribly in the unit and told me the same things they're telling you. I knew why I was there, what I wanted and that soon enough none of these people would even be a factor in my life. I would love to go back to my unit and take a patient back to one of those haters. :) If you even give these negative bitter people a second thought, we're gonna have some issues. Lol. Seriously, your stats look good and it's great that you got those certifications. Great ICU experience is priceless and if you feel like you're ready to apply, go for it! Most schools know how it is with getting recommendations so sometimes you're not even required to get one from a supervisor (just talk to the school about it). Good luck! Hope to hear some good news soon!
  14. lady_stic

    How Fast You Pay Off Debt

    Great question! I'll be 29 when I graduate as well. I'd love to see these responses.
  15. lady_stic

    CRNA School

    Your stats look like mine. I had CCRN and took 2 grad courses. If you retook a science or two and get As, that should be work as well. I applied to 6 programs to give myself a better chance. I got an interview for all schools and once you get the interview, it's really up to you whether you get in or not. The interview is major. After my first two rejections, I got so desperate that I prepared for hours and sold the crap out of myself at my 3rd interview. I'm sure I got in over people with 4.0's because I blew them away. Getting in is hard work and staying in is even harder but it's so worth it! Good luck!
  16. lady_stic

    Finally, I can add SRNA to my name

    I have a few friends that attend Union. Congratulations. Enjoy these last few months!