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I am a 65 year old partially retired dialysis and mental health nurse.i

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  1. rntraveler

    UK Nursing and European Resources

    It took me 2 years to get licensed and I encountered resentment against Americans in the workplace-only friendly people were Australians. Also,I would not have been able to afford to work there if I were not already receiving a retirement pension which took care of my expenses at home. Good luck.
  2. rntraveler

    Universal Healthcare

    I worked in the UK and learned the hard way that you should not tell the doc that you are only there temporarily. Thay made me pay for services,but the cost was probably about 25% of what it would have cost here. I was hired by a nursing agency,but worked for the NHS and would have been covered,along with my husband from the time I set foot on UK soil,if I had not volunteered that I was only planning to stay for 3 months. Good Luck!
  3. rntraveler

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    to Bortaz and Stanley, You are WAY off subject. Subject is Universal Health care and will it affect RN pay? There is no need or call for sexist,abusive remarks. By the way, I agree that MM is unattractive,boorish and assinine in many ways,BUT there were many truths in his little film.
  4. rntraveler

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    why do people think that UHC would mean the gov't interfering in their health care / OR THINK THAT GOV'T DOES NOT DO THAT ALREADY? Medicare says what it will pay for and what it will not pay for and that limits what care you can get. Some states decide if certain care is cost-effective. For instance,my sister-in-law had PKD and was on dialysis. They were told that if they moved to Oregon,she would never be able to get a kidney transplant because of this. Also,the way insurance companies find out about pre-existing conditions. Like,if you have ever had high blood pressure,asthma or allergies you could be denied insurance. We need to do something-we are the richest,strongest nation on earth.
  5. rntraveler

    we're doing baths for some of the evacuee's...

    does anyone out there know what happened to the nurse who worked in a hospital in New Orleans and stayed through Katrina until she was helicoptered out? We had a link to her blog about the disaster and it was very compelling. wish i had kept it and was able to follow her career. she went to Texas,I believe. adn what happened to the nursing homem owners who refused to mevacuate their residents during Katrina?
  6. rntraveler

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    you all need to watch Michael Moore's movie about health care insurance-"Sicko" I have worked in the UK and found their system to work really well. It is expensive,so they have high taxes,but they have one of the finest health care systems in the world and their babies do not die at the rate that ours do! "Sicko" did have some inflammatory and misleading statements,but a lot of it is true. Cuba does not spend much on health care,but it is free and they have many doctors,so preventive care accounts for their doing so well. We already have some universal health care with medicare and VA,and many states provide insurance for children of low income families., so I think it is very possible that we could have a universal health care system that would work. It would probably be provided by private companies as Medicare does. More and more private companies are not offering health care insurance or it's cost is so prohibitive that there is no money left for rent or food. And do not ever get a "pre-existing condition!" or you won't be able to get insurance at all. May as well commit suicide right now. I don't think a universal system would cut nurse pay any more than it is already. Whenever there is a glitch in the system,RN's take a cut in pay and LPN's get laid off ,historically. I have been a nurse for 32 yrs and over the years have had pay reductions across the board and pay raises across the board. I am on Medicare so we are ok,but i worry about the next generation.
  7. rntraveler

    Comparison of US and UK pay

    I have landed a travel job in Edinburgh. What can anyone tell me about what to expect there? Looking forward to seeing the country. Pay is a little less than I am making here,but it's only for a short term. Will be working Dialysis. Thanks for any info. Travelerpat
  8. rntraveler

    UK Nursing and European Resources

    i used continental travel nurses and they were encouraging with getting my registration there,but you should know that it took a good year to get it. And once I got it they were unable to find me a job. Looks like they mostly do nannies,from their web site.
  9. rntraveler

    You Know You're an Old(er) Nurse If . . .

    Yes,I graduated as an LPN in 1976 and made 1 1/2 times as much as I had been as a seamstress--a whopping $3.50 an hour,if I remember right. But,it was all relative-nothing cost as much then as it does now. I also remember using maalox on pressure sores and also sugar was supposed to help it heal.
  10. rntraveler

    You Know You're an Old(er) Nurse If . . .

    Yes,I remember all that. I did dialysis on a pt who had a machine at home and was told I could wear gloves if I wanted to!! The gloves were there but I didn't feel the need and didn't think I could work with gloves on. Of course,now I use gloves all the time. Also, I sometimes work with nurses who are younger than my granddaughter! AND one of the last times I recerted for CPR,the instructor brought half mannequins that we could put on a table to save our knees.
  11. rntraveler

    Packet 4 has arrived!

    Yes,you do need top go through the NMC-an agency will call the NMC every so often and check progress,but that's all they can do. I have over 20 yr experience and it took me a year to get my PIN,but have not been able to find a 13 week job. I am a travel nurse and qualified (20 yr experience) in psych and dialysis. The agency got referrals from several people and then started looking,but no one calls them back! I don't have the adaptation course as I got my PIN before that started. Don't know if that's why or if they really don't have any openings. Did have interest from a facility in London befroe i even got my PIN,but they wouldn't accept less than a year contract. I am older,my doctor calls that experienced. Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks
  12. rntraveler

    Psych Nurse ="not a REAL nurse"?

    A psych nurse needs all the skills that a med-surg nurse does because it's much harder to assess all the symptoms. Our pt often have stopped taking their meds and have all kinds of medical illnesses. High blood pressure and diabetes are big ones. you have to decide which are valid complaints and which are somatic with no basis. For instance,the "migraine" sufferer with no photophobia who is laughing and talking with peers. We get a lot of med-seekers,too. And the psychiatrists can't tell all of the time which are which. i remember one pt who had not been in hosp for several years and kept telling the doc she needed more meds. he decided she was med-seeking and cut her off them all. Well! Soon she had a Schizophrenic break-every textbook symptom. and the older man who was brought in by his landlady,just completely out of it and was diagnosed with diabetes. With some diabetic teaching and his blood sugar under control he was able to go back home and be functional again. I could tell you more stories but you get the picture!
  13. rntraveler

    funniest thing you saw a nurse do.......

    I used to work in a dialysis unit. One night when we were cleaning the unit after the day's work, my tech (who would soon be an RN working in a Critical Care Unit) picked up the leads from an EKG machine and pl;aced them on his chest and turned it on. Suddenly he cried out "Hey,I'm flat line!" with a real sound of terror in his voice. "Phil",I said "you have to put it in Lead 2 for the way you have the pads" He was embarassed and I still chuckle when I think of it.
  14. rntraveler

    Where Are The Nurses? News Video (New York)

    This was supposed to happen nationally in 1984--just before I got my RN and I thought I would be relegated to bedside care and the status of an LPN which I had done for 9 yrs. ThenI got an across the board raise of $2 an hr and soon there were ads where the institution offered to pay your last year of school if you would work for them. Personally, i think that pay will have to go up,at least here in the midwest and in areas of the south where it is so low. Why would you want to work so hard for an RN license if the pay is so low?
  15. rntraveler

    UK Nursing and European Resources

    Thanks for the feedback-No one mentioned an adaptation course when I started this long and very expensive process to get registered! Can any part of that be done from here? I am used to a 4 hr orientation process before starting on a new unit-usually teaming up with someone for a day or 2,although when I went to work for University Hospitals in Wisconsin,they did have me do 3 days of films and tests,and these were largely irrelevant to the work I did for them. Perhaps I should have stayed with the American travel agency,I would probably be done with my 1 year assignment by now.Thanks again,rntraveler
  16. rntraveler

    UK Nursing and European Resources

    I wanted a travel assignment in the UK and contacted Continental Travel Nurse. They promised help and to follow through with getting registration,so I went ahead with getting registered. I am an American Travel Nurse with 7 years travel experience and 29 years of experience altogether. I have been an RN for 21 years and have worked in dialysis about 19 years and in psych about 18 years. I could not get registered as a Mental Nurse because I did not have a year post grad training in Mental Health-guess I should have sent in my continuing education credits,although those were mainly in nephrology. During the time I applied for and recieved registration,I went through 3 recruiters. Don't expect to get licensed in less than 6 months. I took me 7 months. Does anyone know if I will be able to get a dialysis job without training in Critical Care? I am mostly interested in working in a small hospital or dialysis unit. I do not want an assignment longer than 3 months as that is what I usually take and do not want to be away from family any longer than that.Thanks for any feedback. rntraveler