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  1. mandaleni23

    No one will hire a nurse with only a Associates???

    FWIW I just found out that NONE of the hospitals in my area hire ADNs anymore. (I got this information from credible sources: I volunteer at one of the hospitals and I found out from HR there, an attorney I work with is associated with another hospital that recently made the switch, and I'm planning on attending my BSN program at the final hospital - we were told point blank at the open house that they no longer hire ADNs.) In I'm going for my BSN, but my friend is going for her ADN (which, as it turns out, her program will take about the same amount of time and cost the same amount of money as my BSN). I tried to breach this topic with her, but she doesn't believe me. For her sake, I hope she's right....
  2. mandaleni23

    L&D new grad interview: TIPS/SUPPORT/ADVICE

    I am but a lowly pre-nursing student, so I do not have any advise for you. Just wanted to pop on and say good luck! :) Hope it goes great!!
  3. mandaleni23

    Just got the call...I'll be an ER nurse!

    Congrats! Good luck and enjoy!
  4. mandaleni23

    Feelin' good :)

    Just did a little calculating and I figured out that if I did NOTHING else for the rest of the semester (which ends December 15ish), I would still finish with an A in chemistry. I worked my BUTT off at the beginning of the semester to get ahead and it's paying off. (It doesn't hurt that my professor drops a test score and I've gotten all A's so far so no final for me!!) Of course, I'll still be going to class and labs, and doing homework still, but it's a big relief that I'll be OK no matter what. Sorry if this sounds braggy. I'm just proud since I tend to be a slacker.
  5. mandaleni23

    Another vent.

  6. mandaleni23

    advice for new charge nurse

    Speaking from my purely non-nursing supervisory experience...... Management is dynamic. You will learn and grow in the position and with the people that you manage. A management style that works for one person might not work for another. It's important to recognize that people are different and do your best to reach them on their level. It is also important to remember that it may be impossible to please everyone. Some people have a hard time seeing the big picture, and some people have unfair expectations. Do your best, keep communication as open as possible, and be prepared to make mistakes (though not on purpose, of course ).
  7. mandaleni23

    So stressed/confused/worried, PLEASE help !

    First and foremost, I would get information about the nursing schools that you might want to attend. Speak to someone in admissions, check out the websites, go to open houses, etc. You need to know what hoops you're going to have to jump though before you start jumping!! Not to sound harsh, but I know that a lot of nursing schools require at least a 2.5 cumulative (higher for the nursing science pre-reqs) to even apply. Plus, getting into nursing school is competitive and many applicants have much higher GPAs than the minimum. Not to say that you couldn't get in (because you definitely could re-take classes, or bring your GPA up by kicking a** and taking names from here on out), but I would suggest starting there. You also want information from your prospective nursing schools so that you know what the pre-reqs for each program are. Some programs require that you have your pre-reqs completed before you can transfer. As far as whether or not you should finish your associate's degree or just transfer, I am of the opinion that it is always a good idea to get that diploma. Offered classes, graduation requirements and the like change all the time. Today your CC might require 64.5 credits to graduate and require X credit hours of science, X credit hours of English, etc. If you don't finish your associate's and (for whatever reason) decide to go back to your CC and finish it later, you could at the mercy of new requirements. Plus, nursing schools like to see stick-to-it-ivness, so having that associate's demonstrates that you have the discipline to finish what you start. It is definitely tough to figure out the "right" way to go. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time getting help from your academic adviser. I hope that I gave you some information that you can use. Good luck on your journey!
  8. mandaleni23

    Any tips for science portion of TeasV; petrified!

    I'm taking the TEASV pretty soon, too, so I appreciate the info. I will definitely check out the Kahn Academy videos on YouTube (thanks for the tip, aachavez ). I'm stressed about the science portion myself, partly because I haven't taken A&P or micro yet (and I have to take the test in the next month or so), and partly because it's been a while since I've taken basic biology. I'm definitely going to have to re-visit all of that. Good luck on the test! I'm sure you'll do fine. Remember, sometimes confidence is the key.
  9. mandaleni23

    Took the TEAS V: I think I bombed the Math section

    Sorry! Wish I could help, but I haven't taken the TEAS yet. (I plan to take it pretty soon, though.) I found some helpful study information on Quizlett.com (I think that what it's called) and on the AN threads. I've been focused on studying the science section, so nothing specific to the math section comes to mind. I hope you did well :) Good luck if you have to take it again.
  10. mandaleni23

    Any pre req takers? What pre reqs?

    I'm going to work FT until I start nursing school so I'm only taking 8 credit hours, A&P and Nutrition. After this the only pre-reqs I have to take are Micro and Developmental Psychology! It's a good feeling and I can't wait to start nursing school next spring.
  11. mandaleni23

    Should I continue my quest to become a nurse??

    Personally, I wouldn't use the essay to explain myself. You get few opportunities to showcase who you are and what your career goals are, and I would just focus my essay on that. At the interview I wouldn't bring it up. Let the interviewer bring it up and explain yourself confidently (and concisely) just the way you did above (obviously go a little more into specifics). If you go into too much detail, mention it too much, etc. you run the risk of coming off as being full of excuses or having a pity party. Sounds like a certain secretary had a bug up her butt... I hardly believe that there is no hope of you getting in anywhere! Sure, nursing school is competitive to get into, but I think there's value in what you've done since your F's. You're applying for nursing school with a good scholastic history between those F's and now; it's not as if you just got the F's and you're expecting them to take a chance on you to do better! You've proven you can do better! The academic forgiveness at my school required that at least 5 years passed since the bad grade, and that you've taken 12 (I think?) credit hours with better grades since that time. You might have to do some digging around to find out the information, but I hope that there's something you can do!! Good luck!
  12. mandaleni23

    Should I continue my quest to become a nurse??

    First and foremost, way to make a comeback! That, to me, shows that if you put your mind to doing something, you can do it and, most importantly, do it well. I can't speak to what the school will or will not look at, since every school's policies vary so widely. I would suggest contacting the nursing schools that you would be interested in attending (or checking on websites, etc.) about their specific policies. Maybe attend an open house where you can get some information and speak to someone (casually) if you have any questions that the materials don't address. Also, I would check to see if you are eligible for any kind of academic forgiveness for your less-than-desirable grades. I have a previous BS and I am currently taking pre-reqs at the CC where I attended before transferring to a 4-year school. I had an undesirable grade from my first semester at the CC and was able to get that grade forgiven because I had much better semesters after that. It still shows up on my transcript, but the grade is no longer calculated in my cumulative GPA (which, btw, is what my prospective nursing school uses). Finally, when you go to apply, I would include a cover letter explaining your situation in a little more detail. Nothing too lengthy, just something to explain the previous grades, and to convey your new-found academic discipline and passion for nursing. Good luck! :)
  13. mandaleni23

    Just reigstered for Spring!!

    Thanks for your suggestions! Good link, too! I'm a second degree student, too! I definitely feel like I'm starting over, and I haven't really had any "hard" science classes in a while. I'll take any help I can get.
  14. mandaleni23

    When to start studying for TEAS?

    I am in the SAME boat! I have to have take TEAS in order to do my admissions interview, and I have to have my interview completed by the Spring 2013 application deadline of February 15. I should be getting ready to take it in December/January and I haven't even looked at study materials yet. :/ My plan is to schedule TEAS for the end of winter break so I can study like crazy for it without interfering with my classes. Good luck! :)
  15. mandaleni23

    Just reigstered for Spring!!

    Hi everyone! Just registered for Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition for the Spring. I am really looking forward to it! I am currently taking Inorganic Chemistry and I CAN'T WAIT to get into the life sciences! (Physical science is so boring to me.) Is anyone else eager to zip through the rest of this semester and dive into their spring classes?? Also, any tips for A&P study would be much appreciated. I've reviewed the forums for some suggestions, but it's always a good idea to get fresh information. :) Thanks!
  16. mandaleni23

    Which A&P?

    Thanks for the input! I'm kind of leaning toward the two semester class because of the use of the cadavers (a friend of mine is taking the short class and she said that it is very difficult to identify, for example, parts of the skull on a bleach-white faux skeleton for lab tests). If I take the two semester class (assuming that I get provisionally accepted for the semester I want to start) I will have to take the second semester of A&P and microbiology during my first two semesters of the BSN program. I will quit working and go to school full-time for the BSN program, but I'm just worried that I'm going to set myself up for an especially rough first year... Any thoughts?