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Feelin' good :)

Just did a little calculating and I figured out that if I did NOTHING else for the rest of the semester (which ends December 15ish), I would still finish with an A in chemistry. I worked my BUTT off at the beginning of the semester to get ahead and it's paying off. (It doesn't hurt that my professor drops a test score and I've gotten all A's so far so no final for me!!) Of course, I'll still be going to class and labs, and doing homework still, but it's a big relief that I'll be OK no matter what.

Sorry if this sounds braggy. I'm just proud since I tend to be a slacker. :D

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Congrats! It's so nice when such hard work really pays off! I know you're excited about not having to take the final! Best of luck with all of your future nursing school endeavors! Keep up the good work! ;)

That's awesome! My story is similar. In all of my nursing classes so far (in my second quarter), I have made it a point to keep myself ahead right from the start. It really does feel good when your nearing the end of the quarter and you know you're just about guaranteed an A!

Congrats to you on all your hard work!!! Brag away! :yeah:


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