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  1. Sharon7RN

    Rasmussen or not?

    PowerLiftingLady, It might actually be easier for you to get hired at a SNF or even a hospital as a new graduate as these areas don't always require a BSN, but prefer one. Usually clinics require 1-2 years prior experience working in an acute care setting. A lot of the CNAs that work on my floor are in nursing school and then are hired on as an RN after graduating because they have already established a good reputation. I believe for any bridge program, you don't need to be working as an RN or have any experience. A lot of ADN graduates move right into a BSN program and work at the same time. I plan on doing it part-time while continuing to work full-time. Have you been accepted into the Rasmussen program?
  2. Sharon7RN

    Rasmussen or not?

    Hello! I haven't been on Allnurse in a long time! So I graduated from the Rasmussen ADN program three years ago and passed NCLEX. I got hired right away at a SNF and worked there for one year. I then got hired with Bellin hospital's home health department and did that for over a year and a half. I now work in the Hospital on the ortho/neuro floor and it has been about nine months. There are at least three other RNs that I know of working at my hospital who graduated from Rasmussen. I will be starting a BSN program next year and my hospital pays 75% of it!! The education I received at Rasmussen set me up nicely as a graduate nurse.
  3. Sharon7RN

    Is Rasmussen a Good college and transferable?

    Hello all- I am a 2013 ADN graduate from Rasmussen College in Green bay. In reading the previous posts, it's clear to see that those who are making negative comments about Rasmussen college are def generalizing and don't have a clue what they're talking about - very immature. You will find "bad apples" in every nursing program. You have to remember that every accredited professional nursing school had to start somewhere and had to also earn accreditation. I loved the dedicated teachers in the nursing program and we had a variety of first class clinical sites. At one interview I had, the nurse manager told me that she was impressed by all of the clinical hours I had at a variety of sites in the area. My class started out with 12 students, ended up with 8, and all but 2 have passed NCLEX-RN the first time. I landed a job right after passing boards (Rehab nursing) and just had an interview with a local hospital for a Med/Surg position. More than half of my class all landed jobs in reputable hospitals and facilities after graduating. The program here in Green Bay has gained much notoriety. I don't think anyone can judge the Rasmussen college Nursing program if they haven't been a student there.
  4. Sharon7RN

    RN:Pt Ratios

    I currently work on a rehab unit where ratios are one RN to 20-30 pts at any given time! This is my first job straight out of school which I am thankful for, but I can't help but dream about how nice it would be to work in a hospital where nurses have at most 5-8 pts. When I first started there was an RN and LPN on the unit which was so much better, but now I think there trying to cut back to save money. Soooo frustrating! I worked last night PM's and there were two new admits, one sent to ER and came back, 5 wound dressings, tons of orders, we have a G-tube pt, one on IV ATB with a bili-drain, stroke recoveries, not to mention Medicare charting, and the list goes on. I even had the med tech do my med pass and I still wasn't out until 1:30 am! I couldn't even step away to get a 15 min break let alone my mandatory 30 min break!! I'm starting to feel very run down and plan on not picking up any extra hours for quite a while. I wish it was against the law to have one nurse take care of more than 15 pts by him/herself. Grant it, about 5-6 or more long-term care, but still, I am on my feet running the entire night.
  5. Sharon7RN

    Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013?

    Awesome kathereen9888! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  6. Sharon7RN

    Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013?

    I too left the exam feeling like I failed! I was already planning my new study regime for the second attempt. At first, when I tried the Pearsonvue trick, I got a pop saying that my results were "on hold". Then on Wed, the pop up changed to the good one stating that I already scheduled an exam and to contact the Board of Nursing. I was still reluctant to start celebrating though until I could physically see the "Pass" on Pearsonvue, but this trick seems to be a 100% indicator!
  7. Sharon7RN

    Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013?

    Check Pearsonvue and see if quick results are available! Mine was available when I checked at 9 am, and sure enough I Paaassed!!!! You should be able to pay the 7.95 and get your results by now if you took it Tuesday because I also took mine Tues morning. Let us know!!
  8. Sharon7RN

    Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013?

    I took the NCLEX-RN exam on Tuesday and got the good pop up today. As far as from what I've found online it is still true. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow when I check my quick results..
  9. Sharon7RN

    First day of clinical rotation what to expect

    I think to a certain point, all nursing students feel this way! We have to learn such a large amount of information in such a short period of time, and then suddenly we're thrown into clinical and we feel like we're expected to be pros! From my own experience, I found that I had to keep things in perspective, realize that I might forget a thing or two, and remember that is was OK to ask my instructor questions. You shouldn't be allowed to go off by yourself anyways until you have seen and done at least two of what ever the procedure is that you have to do. The point is, you have to feel somewhat comfortable with doing for example a head-to-toe assessment, giving an injection, or administering medication, etc. As far as feeling uncomfortable because you are a male nursing student, I would say don't let that show! Realize that your sex doesn't matter! A nursing student is a nursing student, and you're all there for the same reasons, to get experience, and improve your skills. I've never replied to someone living in Jamaica. How's the weather there? Good luck with everything!
  10. Sharon7RN

    intimidated and quiet

    I am the same way too. I do have slight social anxiety but only when I know all attention is on me and I have to speak, that's the worse! I have been doing pretty good so far in school-almost done, 5 months to go, but this quarter I have 5 more presentations to do! One coming up is at a mental health facility. I have to be prepared and really focus on what I'm talking about and getting everyone involved or I over think it! I can feel my heart rate go up, my face turns red, and my neck gets all blotchy-very annoying. If I could at least control the outward manifestations I would be OK. If I know I am going to be in a situation where all eyes are on me, I will take Hyland's Nerve Tonic before hand and I feel much more calm! At least you know your not alone!
  11. Sharon7RN

    Confused between school and preganacy

    Decisions like these are never easy to make. Definitely take the time to discuss things with the school's counselor, teachers, and other mentors in your life for advice. I understand that everyone has different beliefs and feelings about abortion, but if I were in your place abortion would not even be an option. I am not in your place, but agree with the many other posts that anything is possible, even having to make it through nursing school while being pregnant can be done. You always have the option of adoption if you think you definitely wont have the time or will to be a good parent. I am an A and B student who has three quarters left to go. I also have four children all under the age of twelve who my family and I home-school, so trust me, I know what difficult is! Yes, I made the decision to put myself through the rigors of nursing school knowing that I had many responsibilities at home, but you also, being a nursing student, made the decision to have intercourse, which resulted in a pregnancy. Granted, you haven't given specifics of your whole situation, which you shouldn't have to, but I think you know what I am trying to say. Hopefully your pregnancy isn't the result of anything other than consensual sex. I don't think you will regret it if you decide to go through with your pregnancy, even if you are a nursing student. Just take responsibility for your actions, which includes not taking the easy way out with an abortion. I understand that many others have different opinions, and I have given mine. No matter what, I know you have the strength inside of you to deal with whatever life brings you!
  12. That's awesome! Your story is very inspiring especially to other mothers. It's always a major challenge trying to get through nursing school when you're a mom. I'm 31, with four children, and sometimes wonder how in the heck I've managed to get A's and B's so far. I do pray a lot! Clinical is coming up next quarter and I know I'm going to make it through that just fine too. I think it just depends on how badly you want to be a nurse - how dedicated you are. If I can make it through nursing school, anyone can! Sometimes I envy those younger nursing students who don't have any children. Oh my gosh! I would have so much time to study!
  13. Sharon7RN

    TEAS V advice

    This is how the teas v is broken up.... TEAS Reading: 42 items total Paragraph and Passage: 19 Comprehension Information Source: 23 Comprehension TEAS Mathematics: 30 items total Numbers and Operations 19 Algebraic Applications: 4 Data Interpretation: 3 Measurement: 4 TEAS Science: 48 items total Human Body Science: 11 Life Science: 15 Earth and Physical Science: 14 Scientific Reasoning: 8 TEAS English and Language Usage: 30 items total Grammar and Word: 15 Meanings in Context Spelling and Punctuation: 9 Structure: 6 Hope this gives you a better idea of how the teas is broken up. :)
  14. Sharon7RN

    Feelin' good :)

    That's awesome! My story is similar. In all of my nursing classes so far (in my second quarter), I have made it a point to keep myself ahead right from the start. It really does feel good when your nearing the end of the quarter and you know you're just about guaranteed an A!
  15. Sharon7RN

    Two TEAS scores. Can I just send one?

    I'm pretty sure this is how it's broken up for everyone. For each section, your score percentage is also shown once you've completed the exam.
  16. Sharon7RN

    Two TEAS scores. Can I just send one?

    @kdrm This is how the TEAS V exam is broken up unless they changed it from April this year, which is when I took it. I got this info from my Individual Performance Profile which was printed off from the ATI web site and also at my college. ATI is the company that you have to sign up with before taking the TEAS V.