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  1. Hi guys! I don’t have those sheets anymore. my biggest advice would be to go to that unit and shadow somebody for an hour or two and make up your own sheet with all the body systems. or ask one of the nurses on the unit and they may have their own ...
  2. Vital signs in Phase II

    I need info from all the PACU nurses! w hen patients are in Phase II of recovery, how frequent are you taking vitals signs? where did your policy of vitals derive from? Do you employ Critical care techs or nursing assistants? what is your charting sy...
  3. PACU documentation

    Hi everyone: question. When admitting a patient into the PACU, besides documenting LOC, vitals etc, do you document on PERRLA or just document PERRLA on neuro cases?
  4. What computer system do you use in the OR?

    HI!! I have a few questions re: EPIC with CPM- Can we discuss offline??
  5. Poster presentation help

    Thank you! Sounds awesome!
  6. Poster presentation help

    My poster has been accepted to a conference in the fall. My poster is re: compassion and patients I will have the background/significance/ framework/ results and conclusion based on lit review. However I won't have methods as I don't have a sample ...
  7. Need help picking a theory

    I want to look at discrimination and how it effects health outcomes- I feel health promotion model doesn't quite fit- any other ideas? Thanks
  8. Drips

    Good point- if u find out this answer tag me!!
  9. Help..teaching med-Surg

    Delmar? I will check it out! Thanks for the outline!
  10. Drips

    Thank u! Will print and laminate!
  11. Drips

    Awwww thank u!! Any more issues ur my GUY!!
  12. Drips

    What I meant was when I get a pt with a neo drip (rare) I don't know if the Mcg per minute is too low or too high-this goes for all drips. Is this info just memorization? If so- Is there a quick way to remember this? Thanks for the Mcg per Min calcul...
  13. SUNY To Close Long Island College Hospital

    Lol I'm in Carroll gardens Yea guess ur right! I Was asked to work there but didn't wanna do the FT shift
  14. SUNY To Close Long Island College Hospital

    Wow- thanks for the info- dang. Keep me posted!!!
  15. Drips

    Is there a quick way to knowif the dose I administer is therapeutic? Or must I multiply the Mcg X KG to find out how much they get per minute. Im sorry I am not familiar with cardiac meds, but would like to be