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mischa084 BSN, RN

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mischa084 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medicine, Surgery.

Im 25 years old Filipina based in California..

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  1. hello nihao, i just have a question, if you dont mind.. may i ask what do u mean by your school submitted the logbook or duty dates.. is it like the signatures in every ward? because im not sure if we have any logbook like that or its the dates of ALL duty we had?.. your school must be very systematic and good, my school is actually pretty disorganized so im trying to know all the requirements and would be deficiencies before i file for all of these since im also no longer in Pinas, i wonder also how the nursing curriculum look like, as in its 100 pages.. sorry got lots of questions, hope u can share some helpful tips.. thanks a lot nihao
  2. mischa084

    Nclex problem advice needed

    Im sorry to hear that.. Hope u can find answers to this...
  3. mischa084

    10 Things Nurses Can Be Thankful For

    Like.. Like
  4. mischa084

    Passed NCLEX First Try

    congrats !!! what is a good book to read on? thanks
  5. mischa084

    Best Nclex Review Book international foreign graduates

    hello im reading the ms book of udan.. is it a good nclex resource... congrats on your passing..!!!
  6. mischa084

    NCLEX rn application problem

    hello girl.. hope you can give us advise on how can we do this and steps to do.. thanks a lot
  7. hi jamalang, can i add you in facebook so we can talk about our Nclex-california venture. thanks hope u dont mind..
  8. @jamalang, yes i will have to coordinate with my school about this new requirements, its just that my school is kinda disorganized sometimes, we changed deans, clinical instructors.. hope will get our exam approval.
  9. i find it confusing that they will require the clinical rotation and minor major cases
  10. mischa084

    Learning extension NCSBN

    wow congratulations on your passing, ... more power !! may i ask if there is a free link or pdf for ncsbn .. for people like us who can barely afford.. thanks a lot. and cheers !!
  11. mischa084

    I Conquered NCLEX!

    wow congratulations neologism, hope you can share some free resources on your review.. i can barely get it by my own .. thank you
  12. mischa084

    10,000 + Questions & Passed 1st Try w/ 75 Q's RN

    Congratulations... your hard work has been paid off.. hope you can share to us some Nclex notes you have just in case.. thank you
  13. Oh my God really? these are the new requirements? im actually in California now and will still process those application, and probaby thats what they will require for me too.. how unfortunate.. i dont have those either as well..
  14. congratulations to your passing.. hope you can share some free online links you used when you wre studying..
  15. mischa084


    Hello all... Im sorry to hear about your current struggles.. i havent passed and taken the nclex yet ( will take it on February so its gonna be 3months review for me ) but i know that with continuous effort and faith, we can make it.These are just temporary setback.. maybe there is something that we have failed to do, or missed to do.. Lets always include God in our present struggles and life will be lighter, and we can get up and continue.. The most imporatant part is not give up studying hard and trying to PASS the NCLEX.. We can do this!
  16. mischa084

    NCLEX Test Guide- Advise from newly passers pls... :)

    thank you so much for that well informed advise cuddleswithpuddles.. i appreciate it, and well keep that in mind.. God bless in your undertaking too.. @tinkerbell04.. congratulations for passing, thanks for the advise as well..

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