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  1. It is so frustrating when nurses who should support eachother and collaborate to better the profession remain divided because of overwhelming pesonal interests and what i may call greed. This is my experience with the Cameroon nursing Society please read on and post your views at the end. Upon graduation with a BNS from a state Univesiy in Cameroon, I embarked on a very tedious and futile adventure to get registered with the professional body. I spent days on one of the worlds worst roads ever (Pardon me) to get the required documents for the process. Just when I was at the headquarters hoping to end the expedition, I was told that the council does not have a charter for graduate and postgraduate nurses (Gosh!) Fortunately I had a copy of the presidential decree authorising the cretion of the body and further attempts to complain did no good but angered the headquarter officials who made insulting/hate and jealous statements. All my classmates who had attempted to rgister had faced very similar difficulties so we decided to address a letter through the University to the Minister of Higher educaion who has never reacted to it since two+ years ago. Since then I got a job as a nursing instructor which I am still doing as you read (still without registering with the body) Several other attempts to get this problem known to the authorities have been smoked by the council officials who are all in themselves Diploma holders or below. They had pioneered the association ong before the graduate nursing programme was introduced in the country and many see this resistance as either hate or jealousy and the lack of reaction from the authorities as either an indication of impeccable lack of concern or bribery/corruption. The absence of a liscence from this country means those affected cannot get a job broad or sometimes even register in some postgrad schools to further my education. I am completely helpless and think that I am currently stagnated as I sit and sadly watch my career dreams pass me by. Please tell me how else you think we can further target this problem

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