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    Exit CHC MCI Virginia Beach

    I was given Exit CHC as well, and failed miserably like everyone else. I attend MCI at a campus not mentioned in your post. I'd really like to discuss this with you further. I'm new to allnurses; is there a way to send private messages on this site?
  2. rrocky87

    Concerned RN student/ Marine wife.

    Hello all, This is my first post on this board! I am currently halfway through my RN training and I'm also an LPN with 0 years of experience. I entered LPN school in 2007 when it seemed as though anyone with the title nurse was guaranteed a job. As soon as I graduated I realized most of the job ads were for "LPN's with 2+ years of experience or RN's". Now that I'm a year away from graduating it seems most job ads are for "RN's with 2+ years of experience or BSN's" I am married to a new Marine and foresee living on a base as soon as I am out of nursing school. My questions are these: 1. I'm curious to hear from other nurses who are married to men in the military and how that affected their search for employment. 2. If there is hospital on base, is any hiring preference given to spouses of the men stationed there? (maybe I'm naive to think that...) Thanks!

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