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  1. Pride/hardwork17

    10 years until retirement.. should I go back to School?

    Great advice! Thank you!
  2. I've been an RN for 25 years. I've worked for the same company for 20 years. I'm not looking into career advancement. I'm just concerned because most nurses now have their BSN in nursing. I only have an associate degree. Should I be concerned and go back to school? I have about 10 more years until I retire. Thank you for any advice!!
  3. I work for an Impatient Hospice Facility. Currently they cut down on housekeepers and because of the fast turnovers of patients, we nurses are required to clean the patient's room so we can quickly get an admission. Is this legal? I would like to know if anyone else has been required to do this... We are all frustrated but we can't afford to lose our jobs. Thanks!!
  4. Pride/hardwork17

    Is turning dying patients comfort care or not?

    I have been a Hospice Nurse for 15 years and this issue with turning a patient who is actively dying has always been very controversial among nurses, doctors and family members. I have seen doctors get mad at nurses for repositioning a pt who is actively dying.. I have seen family members do the same, as well as CNA's. I totally agree patients need skin care and gentle repositioning and it's a "pet peeve" of mine when patients go the entire shift without any repositioning. I couldn't agree more with the quote: " comfort care doesn't mean lack of care". I am so glad other nurses think like me!
  5. Pride/hardwork17

    Shift differentials?

    50 cents for nights??? Are you kidding me? Not worth it at all. That is why we need Unions!

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