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  1. Also, ( unless the Alaris pump has changed in the last year) if you hang the piggyback ( higher) and forget to hit the start or forget to unclamp...the pump will not alarm and will continue to infuse the primary. Dang now piggyback late!
  2. Mimi,RN

    Not hired if you smoke?

    I must admit I do have a problem with this. First, yes I am a smoker, currently trying to quit. This brings me to the problem. I understand not smoking in hospitals or public places. It has been that way for years. The hospital here owns several blocks around the hospital and workers cannot smoke on the property at all. My problem is what about the people like me using nicotine through e-cigs, patches or gum to quit. it would still show nicotine in a test. People use the excuse of endangering other people's health. Guess what, my gum wont endanger you. What about health costs? raising my insurance? There is no proven scientific data that nicotine alone is connected with cancer,copd etc( it is inhaling the smoke, not the nicotine) and research is currently looking at benefits of nicotine in many diseases,ie- prevents Kaposi sarcoma in aids pt, treatment in schizophrenia and ocd, etc,etc. Lastly- why should an employer be able to control what you do outside of your job? I have taken care of and can see at least 3times the healthcare costs of alcoholics and prescription drug overuse, however they arent trying to prove you drink at home on the weekend and refuse to hire you. Tired of " the man" trying to control us all!!!!!!

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