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Fourth-year nursing student from Alberta, Canada

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  1. Hi all, is anyone ableto explain to me why low serum albumin levels can cause preclampsia? I'm totally stuck (somewhat) but can't manage to think my way through it. Thanks !!
  2. CHovs

    Finding ml/hr med calc

    Hi guys, I had a 1 month old patient today who was to get 100 mg ampicillin via intermittent IV from a buretrol. The current rate was 8 ml/hr I had to reconstitute the med. It came as a 500 mg vial and after adding 1.8 mls of sterile water I had a final concentration of 250mg/ml. Using my D/H x V calculation, i came up with 0.4 mls (100/250 x 1). Now, the max concentration that I could administer the med was 40 mg/ml. Can someone help me figure out how I would get my ml/hr to use in my flow rate for the IV pump?? Thanks !!
  3. CHovs

    Confused about injection procedure

    As for the plunger you do not. The Plunger has a flat black rubber top to it that blocks any medication from leaking out of the barrel. Going back to the 3 cc example, say you had your 3 cc prepped in the syringe. Your plunger would be pulled back enough so that the black part is flush with the 3 cc line. When you go into the patient's room you can set the syringe down on the bedside table. You should take caution when drawing up the medication and when injecting that you only touch the top of the plunger (aseptic technique). Sterile technique is not broken though if you lay it down. If you think about it, You've already touched it with non-sterile hands. It's impossible to keep the plunger "sterile"; you can only keep it clean by using caution with handling the syringe.
  4. CHovs

    Confused about injection procedure

    When we were learning how to prepare IM medications, we were taught to use a blunt needle to draw up our medications then change the needle prior to administration. For example: You have to draw up 3 cc of medication from a vial. You would attach a blunt needle to a syringe. Inject your 3 cc of air, then withdraw your 3 cc of medication. Once you've done this, pull back on the plunger enough to take all the medication out of the blunt needle. Here you would use your scoop method to recap your needle. Once done, twist it off and apply your 22 or 23 gauge needle you'll use for injection. Leave the cap on. Once you go into the patient's room and do all of your checks, you will swab your injection site then uncap your needle to give the injection. Otherwise your needle should be capped from preparation untill injection. Hope this helps you out !
  5. Hi everyone, I've been reading over my texts trying to figure out why D5W 1/2 Normal Saline is HYPERtonic. I'm confused because D5W alone is isotonic and 1/2 normal saline is hypotonic .. how is it that the two of them combined is hypertonic? Help please

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