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  1. sarahk825

    Pacific Lutheran University PLU ELMSN 2013

    We had the orientation for the program last Saturday. I overheard that one waitlister was accepted into the program the day before the orientation. They still have the waitlist active in case anyone else decides not to start in June.
  2. sarahk825

    recording app

    I've used iTalk Recorder before and it's worked pretty well for recording lectures. It's free but if you want to upload your recordings to Dropbox you need the premium version of the app which I think costs $1.99. This way you can share recordings with others if you wish!
  3. sarahk825

    Pacific Lutheran University PLU ELMSN 2013

    I didn't know this topic was here on the forums! I have been looking under Washington Nursing Schools for a PLU ELMSN topic and just discovered this one. I was accepted into the 2013 cohort back in February! I am curious if anyone else has been accepted. Any news for the waitlisters? I hope you guys get in!
  4. sarahk825

    OHSU ABSN 2013 Applicants

    I got the same email... "it is highly unlikely that your file will be chosen for review". I thought they could have worded that email differently, low blow indeed. I got accepted back in February into an Entry Level MSN program in Washington, so I wouldn't have gone to OHSU even if I got in. It all worked out for me. I wish everyone luck with their schooling. :)
  5. sarahk825

    Neonatal Education Questions

    Hello all! I'm wanting to become a neonatal nurse and wondering what type of degree I should pursue. I have been reading that you need to be an RN (either an associate's or bachelor's degree). Is that correct or is one preferred over the other? Right now I currently have a bachelor's degree in Biology and I'm wondering if I should just stick with an associate's degree for a quicker route or should I go to school for the extra years to get my BSN? I also know there are accelerated BSN nursing programs out there that last 2-3 years for college graduates that already have a non-nursing bachelor's degree. My only worry is that it might be too competitive to get into one of these programs. Thank you for your help!! -Sarah

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