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  1. hi all, i recently found out that i've been accepted to the mcphs worcester accelerated bsn program starting this fall! just wanted to see if anyone out there is also considering mcphs or if there are any other students who are in mcphs now or have graduated. hearing back about the program and any tips about moving, where to live (on campus housing vs. apartments), anything in general, would be fantastic! i'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools but am excited for this program! this is a huge move for me since i'm from the midwest! take care, applyingbsn
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    MCPHS Worcester Accelerated BSN Fall 2012 Start

    [color=#500050]thank you to both of you for replying. i really appreciate it! amanda_joan91, i've heard the same from my friends in ma, so it's no surprise to me :) , and thank you for your input. best of luck to you when applying to the program! also, bluesunrise, i have a slew of questions i was hoping you could answer. i know you're probably extremely busy, but if you could respond to any of the following i would really appreciate it. [color=#500050] 1. i've chosen to live in the borysek 6 person suites, any experience or insight on the living situations within the borysek living and learning center? [color=#500050]2. how is the whole clinical experience, when do they start, how is the process of being placed? 3. would it be difficult getting to clinicals and doing routine things such as grocery shopping without a car? i don't plan on bringing a vehicle and was hoping that the public transportation would be dependable (coming from chicago, i've always used public trans). 4. how is the program in terms of difficulty/workload, teaching quality, advising, career development, etc? my background is in biochemistry and biology so i'm hoping my strong science background will help me through the program. 5. what is your educational/career background, and why did you choose mcphs? [color=#500050]6. pros and cons to the program? 7. do you know the first time pass rate on the nclex? as a "senior" in the program, do you feel prepared to enter the profession and take the nclex? 8. since the class size of the accelerated bsn program is small, how is the interaction between faculty and staff? are they approachable and available for help when needed? how are classes and the learning environment? [color=#500050]9. what is your typical week like? lastly, i have some questions about finances, but since they may be too personal, i understand if you won't want to answer them: [color=#500050] 1. how did you fund your education? i'm trying to apply for scholarships now to help ease the financial load. 2. have you heard anything about the nsp or federal loan forgiveness program? 3. do you have any tips on how to fund one's education in the program? thank you so much! applyingbsn
  3. Hi all, I'm applying to accelerated programs in nursing currently but I'm feeling a little bogged down and somewhat low in self-esteem. I keep reading posts of people that have so much more experience (and better prerequisite grades) than I do getting into the ABSN programs and I start to second guess whether I fit the bill to get accepted into a program. I know that becoming a Nurse is what I want to do without a doubt, I just found out in the middle of college. I would just like some advice or encouragement on pursuing my application into programs. I mean, it's not unheard of that students straight out of college enter into the programs, correct? I guess I'm just feeling anxious. I'm a current senior at Loyola University Chicago. I'm majoring in Chemistry (with an emphasis in Biochemistry) and Biology. At present I have about a 3.4 GPA. I am CPR certified (including AED). I've taken an EMT course but did not pursue certification after (I focused more on school and didn't think I would be able to use my certification even if I received one). I currently volunteer at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center about 4 hours a week (about 70 hrs total since this Summer). As a volunteer I help feed Geriatric patients, visit patients on each floor to provide company and free reading materials. Also as a volunteer I work in the PACU and help nurses in the unit provide post-operative care to the patients. About the pre-requisites, these are my grades as follows: A&P I/II Lecture C+/B- A&P I/II Lab B+/A Statistics (I took Biostatistics) A Nutrition B+ Dev. Psyc. A Gen Chem I/II B+/A- Gen Bio I/II A/B+ No Microbio yet... For my applications, I have great recommenders (my past Organic and Gen. Chem teacher, my volunteer supervisor, and my Analytical Chemistry professor) and I'm not worried about them at all. I'm a tad discouraged by my grades and I would hope that a university doesn't judge too harshly. The C+ in A and P is what disappoints me the most. Although, I had missed almost a month of school and was catching up on school work that semester because my mother was sick in the hospital--she was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in the Spring semester (but she's fine now!!). I don't know. I guess I need some positive reinforcement on my outlook of getting into a program. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! ApplyingBSN
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    Applying to Accelerated BSN Programs and Feeling Nervous

    Hi Reese 2012 and Spore 2008, Thank you so much for your responses! I finished applying to UPenn and MGHIP. I'm currently planning on applying to NYU, MCPHS, and Univ. of Rochester. Thanks so much for your responses! I feel more confident about applying! Take Care

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