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    TEAS Test V Study Guides?

    Yes, that is the one... so I will not send it! Glad you found it!
  2. Tia.taylor

    ATI Online Practice Exams

    Sure enough I have a macbook! I'm sure you could just put any college.
  3. Tia.taylor

    ATI Online Practice Exams

    I don't think so. I tried to copy & past the questions onto a word document & it wouldn't allow me. But, @ the end of the test, with your scores it gives you a nice over view of what you should work on! :)
  4. Tia.taylor

    NLN Exam vs. TEAS Exam

    you are talking about the PAX NLN right? I have taken both the PAX & the TEAS. I say the TEAS is harder in the science part b/c it was so random & a lot of chemistry. The NLN was harder in their English comprehension b/c of the intense vocabulary words. To me math is easy so I can't comment on either of the tests on that part. The reading in the TEAS could be said to be easier b/c it had a lot of "following directions" questions & questions relating to graphs or charts. But I wouldn't stress the reading in either test if you are good in reading.
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    ATI Online Practice Exams

    If you buy the package for $88 it includes the book & 2 test. You can take each of the 2 test twice.
  6. Tia.taylor

    TEAS Test V Study Guides?

    Yes, the one I found @ my library is the ATI manual! No, I have not purchased any other books, but have checked out a couple of the "Nursing School Entrance Exam Books" from the library. I've just started reading them so they are nothing to compliment about yet. I found on here (allnurses) a link to download that Mcgraw-Hill's book.... I can't remember the link but if you give me your email I can send you the download! Could you rent the ATI book like other college books???? I also know that my flaw is the writing & grammar part of the test so I have been checking out books from the library for these topics. Tiffany
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    TEAS Test V Study Guides?

    Hey check your local library b4 you buy it. I have already purchased mine.. but just about an hr ago seen that its in my library catalog Could have saved $90!!!! Tiffany
  8. Tia.taylor

    TEAS V

    Hey everyone! I am taking the TEAS V test on Friday.... Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or insights to give?
  9. Hello, I recently applied to Sentara for the traditional BSN track in chesapeake & I am looking for any feedback on this school!
  10. Tia.taylor

    Sentara College BSN program questions...

    Hello lyssadimes, I have also just applied to Sentara but for the Aug 2012 start date. Have you found out any information or feedback regarding this school yet? I'm looking for any tips! Tiffany
  11. Hello everyone! I have recently applied to Sentara College of Health Sciences in Chesapeake. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the traditional BSN track at this school? Also, if anyone had any feedback on the competitiveness of this school... my GPA is above their requirement but still isn't terrific.. any thoughts out there? Thank you in advance! Tiffany

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