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    Nursing School - Family HELP!!

    I don't know what to do... Thought I would start a new thread because there has to be more stories like mine and I could sure use some advice. My wife and I moved in with my in-laws, short-selling our house. I thought moving in with the in-laws would help my wife and son. Although it has helped my wife by having someone there it feals like I am growing apart and it scares me. She has no idea how much I am going through between working 40 hours, nursing school, trying to be a dad, trying to do everything and she doesn't see it. My mother-in-law has even said that nursing school shouldn't be that hard and that it should be easier than getting my EMT licence. Dear lord, what should I do??? I go 4 days sometimes without seeing my son and wife and it is eating me up... What can I do to show them what I am going through for them? It has a terrible irony that I give up everying to get through nursing school to help provide a better future for my family but it looks like my family isn't going to survive nursing school. I graduate in May and know it's not that long away but it feals like my wife and I are growing apart by the day. Any words of wisome is appreciated. Thanks :)

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