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  1. goldenstate

    UCSD Medical Center New Grad Program January 2012

    Also, does anyone know how the hiring/interview process goes here?
  2. goldenstate

    UCSD Medical Center New Grad Program January 2012

    I applied to all of these new grad postings - IMU, PCU, NICU, L&D, and Family Care Center. I don't have experience in women's health, but thought it wouldn't hurt to apply. All of my statuses are application received, except for Family Care Center, which said others were more competitive. @MsNewGradRN - Internals are those who currently work in the medical center whether it be a CNA, ward clerk, etc. Hopefully, we hear back from them soon!
  3. Just wanted to start a thread for UCSD's New Program. Feel free to post any updates or news :)
  4. goldenstate

    Northbay Healthcare New Grad Program

    Did anyone apply to the Clinical Nurse I position for med-surg that was posted last week?
  5. goldenstate

    UCSD New Grad Program 2011

    Just wondering if anyone has heard when they will be making calls for job offers for UCSD's new grad program in October. Or if anyone has received a call already and for what unit. Thank you.

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