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    Anyone ever get their license back after revocation?

    I am new to this so please bear with me. I have been in the medical field for 25 years. 12 years as a cna,9 years before going to nursing school in 98. i have been an lpn for 13 years. my mother passed away suddenly at the age of 51 in 2005,she was my best friend in the world and i lost that. i dealt with her death,or so i tought, in 2007 i was in rn school,working 2 12 hrs jobs 6 days a week,5 children at home,one of which was a newborn,well 3 months old. I was working at the heart hospital and one night i gave a patient her morphine and i have given that drug several times to many patients, this patient stated,"ahh,i fell so much better,that takes all my pain away and makes me forget all that has happened". For some off the wall reason,i wantedto feel that same way,that would take all my pain away,from everything. i have never done any drugs before this. I was hooked and for 17 days i diverted morphine. it had the adverse reaction for me,it was like speed. i was awake and could go on the schedule i was on. i was never asked about this at my job. i moved to oklahoma for 2 months and moved back home. When i went to renew my license,which only took 3 to 4 days to get back,i didn't hera anything from the board and finally received a letter stating that i was being investigated for diversion. to make a long story short,it started out to be 6 month key restriction, no one would hire me and i had to take care of my family. so i didn't tell the employer about knap. i was caught and my license suspended for 6 months, did that,got my license back,continued in the program with ua's going to na and doing my recovery. after 20 months of being in the program,successfully, i forgot to call and just so happens it was a testing day so therefore i didn't test and that was noncompliant with the board so they suspended me for a year during this year i showed positive, this was due to my niece,she was upset with me because i told her that she needed help with her addiction and i was here to help her and we could do this together.she knew what was going on with the board and my nursing and things like that. she put percocet in my coffee and the next day i had to test and it showed positive,so therefore the board has revoked my license. this just happened in july of 2011. i am still continuing my na meetings and doing my recovery but now i have no license and basically starting over. i am dealing with my niece as well but that is another topic. i live in kansas and they are a tough borad. has anyone dealt with KSBON or is there a lenght of time i should wait to ask to be reinstated, how do i go on with this process. please advise....

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