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    PCU or ER as a new grad

    I got offered a position in both PCU and the ER as a new grad. "Feel lucky that you got options as a new grad." Well no, not really. I'm lost. I've worked in my hospital for 12 years as a unit assistant and recently graduated the nursing program. I went through 3 interviews (Neuro, medical, surgical) and didn't land the jobs. We just went through a RIF (Reduction in force) and my unit aassistant job is getting cut. After HR learned I'm a new grad, I got an interview on a unit that a position hasn't even been posted (PCU). Prior to getting asked to come in for an interview, another hospital called me to ask if I'm still interested in working for their ER (trauma lvl 3). I accepted. After PCU's interview, they offered me a job as well. I love cardiac as much as I love emergency nursing. To be honest, I feel so much guilt if I decline the PCU Job. ER: Full-time, benefitted, 55 minute drive, grave yard PCU: supplemental (full time in 6 months) 5 minute drive, grave yard. Each pays the same. How do I choose? I really want the ER, But I don't know if I can't live with the guilt of declining pcu after they went out of their way to open up a position for me.

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