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  1. jeaniekadinee


    I was supposed to take it in October but some acute medical issues came up. My classmates told me they were the same type of questions from the course. Which many are "common sense" questions. Also, everyone gets a different test. I hope this helped some. Good luck.
  2. jeaniekadinee

    ECU 2015 Hopeful

    I want to apply to start my pre req's Fall 2015. I'm hoping some of my past credits transfer over. After they're complete, I would like to apply to the nursing program. Anyone know what building I need to go in to get all the things I would need?
  3. jeaniekadinee

    Trauma and Employment

    Thank you for the responses. The next time I speak with my doctor, I will ask her about possibility in getting disability....but I just hope it isn't a mega hardcore thing to get through :/ *hugs*
  4. jeaniekadinee

    Trauma and Employment

    I am getting medical care for both.
  5. jeaniekadinee

    Trauma and Employment

    I have PTSD. I actually got a job within this month. Last week I was in the hospital for a kidney infection. Last night, I went to bed early, so that I would be ready for my next shift, which is 0700-1500. I awakened a lot and when I was asleep, I was having nightmares. I ended up calling out because I was in no way, safe to drive. I was wondering if there was s different option, such as being a caregiver for someone, instead of my full time at assisted living. What do yall recommend?
  6. jeaniekadinee

    Cna hourly wages/nursing home?

    I live in eastern NC. I work at assisted living and the probationary pay is $8.80 but after the 90 days it goes up to 9 something.
  7. jeaniekadinee

    Does anybody else feel guilty about calling off?

    I just got a job. Hired early October. I had a bad kidney infection and fevers were 102.8 and rising...but I still felt bad calling in, even though I was still in the hospital.
  8. jeaniekadinee

    Interviewed in August

    Would I need to go to my local health department? I know I do not qualify for some stuff, such as Medicaid. But, if I could get the insurance I need for less, I'll apply.
  9. jeaniekadinee

    Interviewed in August

    I hear what you are saying. I do need a lot more medical insurance than average...and when I did a quote (not with the company, but individually), I would be paying over 500 per month, which does not include vision or dental.
  10. jeaniekadinee

    Thoughts on ADD/ADHD Medication

    I have a prescription for Concerta. So far, the mg I'm on is working fine. I hope you and your doctor are able to find the best one for you.
  11. jeaniekadinee

    Interviewed in August

    I hear ya! This place offers benefits. In ya'lls' experience, does the medical cost quite a lot? To purchase from the job?
  12. jeaniekadinee

    looking for some...

    Hello. I just finished my resume and cover letters, as well. I am "new" too. I put a short but simple objective. I noted where I did clinical studies and maybe put in there... enthusiastic to learn, etc.... Just when you write it...write confidently. Let them know, you CAN do the job good. :) Good luck :)
  13. jeaniekadinee

    cna coworker not very helpful

    I do not know the full situation with your co-worker, so, if you feel comfortable with talking with him/her, do so. Be civil and see if you both can work something out. If not, as per above, just go through your chain of command. I hope everything will be solved for you. Good luck.
  14. jeaniekadinee

    Interviewed in August

    I was interviewed at an assisted living facility with memory care in August. I was just beginning my clinical studies at the time. I finally got a call back yesterday to come to the facility on Friday to do a TB Skin Test and Drug Screening. I'm very excited. I take my state exam on the 11th of October. I really thought I didn't get the job because it was so long since I have heard from them. :)
  15. jeaniekadinee

    When's best time of year to apply?

    I'm going to take my state test as well but I've been applying to some places. I sent my resume to one assisted living and I was called in for an interview the next day. On your resume just put the test date :)
  16. I was just wondering what the difference between a CNA and a STNA. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advanced.