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Trauma and Employment


I have PTSD. I actually got a job within this month. Last week I was in the hospital for a kidney infection. Last night, I went to bed early, so that I would be ready for my next shift, which is 0700-1500. I awakened a lot and when I was asleep, I was having nightmares. I ended up calling out because I was in no way, safe to drive. I was wondering if there was s different option, such as being a caregiver for someone, instead of my full time at assisted living. What do yall recommend?

Red Kryptonite

Specializes in hospice. Has 3 years experience.

I recommend you get to a counselor NOW so you can learn effective coping strategies and stop letting this rule your life. I'm partial to behavioral therapists, look for one of those. They can do AMAZING things with anxiety disorders, of which PTSD is one. Also get good medical care to follow up on the kidney infection and prevent future ones.

Quest5, BSN, MSN, RN

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'Glad to hear you are proactive about these issues, but in agreement with the first poster, please consider a behavioral therapist with experience with PTSD, possibly someone with experience with fire or police agencies where the disorder is an occupational hazard. PTSD treatment has come along way in 20+ years and need not be medication-dependent, expensive or prolonged. If your local fire/ police department has a professional advisor to a CISM team, they may be able to provide a name and contact information. These advisors are often volunteers who have private practices and are available to the public.

No matter the type of job, you have to go to work. Carry on, if you have sleepless nights, then call out. Nobody expects you to get in an accident because you fell asleep behind the wheel. But you need to seek the proper care as previously suggested. With time, learned coping skills, and getting things off your chest with a therapist, these incidents will diminish in number as well as severity. If things get impossible, then perhaps your care provider will suggest whether you should submit for disability. That is an option for you if you just can not deal with this.

Thank you for the responses. The next time I speak with my doctor, I will ask her about possibility in getting disability....but I just hope it isn't a mega hardcore thing to get through :/ *hugs*