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  1. Hello,,,Thank god I found you. Im a first year student. I saw on a post that you went to GB/Ryerson nursing and went through my situation. I did a temporary withdrawal from the program (for the winter semester). My grades and mental health were suffering, and I felt that the safe option was to withdraw temporarily. do you know what the process is like for getting back into the program?? I have to wait until mayyy to find out :( because it’s not guaranteed that I’ll return. My high school marks were good but my gpa is terrible.  What are my chances of getting back in?  A reply would be greatly appreciated Thank you

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    2. memenene123


      omg really?? :((((( I guess there isn't much hope for me then. When did they inform you their decision?  im still waiting for them to get back  ughh :(((((

    3. memenene123


      did you do a temporary withdrawal or a permanent ? 

    4. Toaster


      I did a permanent withdraw. I am quite sure you will get in if the situation you explained is valid and understanding. I don't remember when they informed with the decision. You can always apply for other universities like york. I withdrew before I could get a bad academic standing so my GPA is good but they still denied me, which I understand because there are a lot of applicants applying.


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