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  1. I just had to say how much I love your username 💕

    1. RNbabylon


      Thank you! I was working in Babylon N.Y.when I was doing profile . Now I am looking for work and it's not easy for me. I am old compared to most nurses,and now I limp. (From old injury) I do have 26years of experience as an RN and was stupid and left a few good positions all cos I listened to my husband . Where do you work?  

    2. Elektra6

      Elektra6, BSN

      I work private duty homecare for Bayada Home Health.  I’ve been working there since 2007.  Before that I was an LPN and did subacute and LTC.  Homecare is less stress and more rewarding IMHO.  😁 

  2. Toaster

    Regrets after regrets!

    I agree, it is past time for me to start driving. The only reason I have not driven a car yet is because I live in downtown and my current job is 30 minutes away from public transit. The car insurance is soooo expensive.
  3. Toaster

    Regrets after regrets!

    Thank you Horseshoe. I think i’ll try to do whats best for me. I guess the only way to do it is not tell her what I am doing.
  4. Toaster

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I think as long as nurses do their job it is ok for me. I remember a nurse in my clinical placement on her phone the whole time and had the "whatever" attitude but she did her job.
  5. Toaster

    Regrets after regrets!

    Here we go. So I got a job offer as community nurse full time last week. The job required me to have a valid driving license and a car. I got my driving license on November 2018 and haven't driven a car since I got my license. I was so excited when I got the offer and began to search cars to buy for my job. I told my mom about it hoping she would be excited too but guess what? She was like don't take it. She told me it is not worth taking it when I don't even have experience in driving and all of a sudden I am rushing to buy a car and drive. I understood where she was coming from and I do not want to worry her, so I rejected the offer. Now, I regret it so much! I wish I took the position and gave it a try. What should I do? Should I re-apply to the same company? Will HR just throw my application away because I did not take previous position? I feel embarrassed because what if they ask me why I did not take the position first time if I am a successful candidate again? Thank you for reading.
  6. Toaster

    Did I make the right choice?

    Thank you for your input. And... that is awful. Though I did not have bad experience with nurses/staff during my clinical placements, hearing these stories about rude, selfish nurses/staff just makes me sad. I feel like in nursing, we should all be there for each other.
  7. Toaster

    Did I make the right choice?

    I have asked HR and the manager. They said it was up to the facility whether or not I would even get a one day shadow shift because supposedly the facility has to use their staff to do the training. I don’t know if it was money issue but i assured them that I would be willing to do it unpaid.
  8. Toaster

    Did I make the right choice?

    Thanks for the reply guys It was supposed to be 45 minute orientation actually...until I called HR about the shadow because I really had a bad feeling about it and then I spoke with the manager in charge and she made it to 2 hours next time they call me for a shift. The only reason I went for agency is because I am unable to find jobs. I have been applying for months and next month will be 1 year since I got my license. I really do not know what to do. Edit: what is SNF?
  9. Toaster

    Did I make the right choice?

    Hello, I recently got hired by the nursing agency for long term care facility. My experience is only in the hospitals as clinical placements and I have not yet worked as a nurse. I asked them if i could have a shadow shift to see how it is like in LTC and they said that they are working on it but a shadow shift would not be guarenteed. Instead, they would provide 2 hour on spot orientation prior to starting shift. They called me today to do the night shift, i agreed but few hours later I declined because i felt uncomfortable. My question is, did I do the right thing? Should I try it once and see how its like or should i tell them that i will not be working with them...? The manager called me and said that it is very hard to find a shadow shift and all their staff do not have an official orientation. Thank you
  10. Toaster

    RPNs in Operating Room?

    Just wondering if large hospital still hire RPN's for OR position in Toronto? So far, I have seen positions for RN's.
  11. Toaster

    RPN working in OR

    Edit: This thread was transferred from Canada forum to specialties due to lack of response. Hello, I am a first year student for practical nursing program in Canada. I am really interested in OR. I was wondering what is the usual role for RPN's in OR? What do you dislike/like? Can new grads expect a hire directly from graduating or is experience required? I am really regretting taking RPN instead RN. I am searching OR positions for RPN in various hospital in my free time but I see that there are more opportunities and job opennings for RN in OR position than RPN. Thank you!
  12. Toaster

    RPN working in OR

    Hello, I am currently 1st year student in practical nursing student. I was wondering what it is like to work in the OR department? What did you like and dislike? Thanks!
  13. Toaster

    Positive tb and new employment

    Thank you Klone! I don't think my doctor knew I had BCG vaccine. Hell, I did not even know until I checked my health immunization few days ago... And coincidentally, i've been coughing a lot lately, which makes me more worried.
  14. Toaster

    Positive tb and new employment

    I took the medication because of my positive skin test. My doctor said it was not an active TB.
  15. Toaster

    Positive tb and new employment

    I live in Canada and I was wondering if I am allowed to ask for my results at the place where I took my CXR, instead of waiting for them to fax the results to my family doctor because my next appointment with the doctor is Friday. Sorry I am being paranoid :|