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  1. Forced to Drop Due to Clinical Placement

    My main issue is that they said that in the event they are unable to place or the student is unable to find a clinical site, then they could arrange it in Birmingham. I found three clinical sites for the next few semesters that are now lost. It was a...
  2. Forced to Drop Due to Clinical Placement

    It’s hybrid. Half online with a campus visit every semester. It’s through university of Alabama at Birmingham.
  3. Forced to Drop Due to Clinical Placement

    I guess I’m just kind of looking for some guidance. This is a long post. I’m attending UAB for their acute care program. This semester was supposed to be my first clinical semester but unfortunately due to multiple delays on both UABs part as w...
  4. ACNP - Will I be missing out?

    I know it’s good to plan your route and all. But please get at the very least a FEW years of experience and do all you can to excel in that role. There are so many things to learn as a ED nurse and trauma nurse that will benefit you in the long run a...
  5. Chicago RNs!!!

    So my husband and I recently decided to move to Chicago to pursue grad school. My background is mostly in Cardiac ICU.Any advice on the hospitals in the area? I wanted to apply to Loyola but after reading about the hospital it has me reconsidering. A...
  6. Loyola ACNp

    Applying for the spring term at Loyola ACNP program. Anyone familiar with the program? Any comments or words of wisdom?
  7. Good online NP Program

    I Couldn't agree more. To the original poster, do yourself a favor. Hold off and apply to a decent school with a reputation, clinical placement and some sort of standards to be upheld. Especially for ACNP. You need a school that actually takes the t...
  8. Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Please. Physicians do stuff like this and regularly are not held to the same standards as a nurse would be. I know of a few specific incidents where physicians have removed the wrong kidney and have event amputated the wrong limb and continue to prac...
  9. For-Profit NP admissions... I thought they were joking!

    Well said. I get so annoyed with people who don’t see the main point. It hurts the profession. Plain and simple. It’s not a hard concept to understand. You go go to Walden for what purpose? A set of power points and bogus discussion boards? No clini...
  10. Brightwood Closing ALL Campuses!

    That's insane....I couldn't imagine 126,000 for an associates. Terrible.
  11. Brightwood Closing ALL Campuses!

    I went to a "chain school" and have done just fine. But not all are equal. My school required a Passing TEAS test score and was actually regionally accredited. I know people who went to Brightwood here in California and can't even go on for their BS...
  12. FNP opportunities

    I was recently accepted into Simmons college out of of Boston, MA. I've heard really great things about their program and am excited to go to a legit program. With that that being said, it is very expensive. I know FNP saturation is a real thing, bu...
  13. Vanderbilt ACNP

    Yeah, I got an odd answer from them as well. For 1500 + a per credit hour? No thank you.
  14. Vanderbilt ACNP

    I would if necessary. But I can't imagine cold calling and begging for clinical placements.
  15. Vanderbilt ACNP

    Anyone have any feedback on Vanderbilts ACNP program? I can't seem to get a straight answer as to whether or not they hold students responsible for their clinical placement or if they assist at all. Also, any general feedback about the program would ...