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Wound Care

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    Texas Woman's University (TWU) Denton FNP Spring 2020

    I was accepted too! Will be following this thread.
  2. Eagle2110

    Wound with no change, good or bad

    Hi! All wounds are candidates for a wound clinic! At the very least, someone who specializes in wound care can give an educated and experienced opinion. When healing a wound, one must identify what caused it in the first place, if pressure is still present, then it may still be the culprit. Roho cushions are often covered by insurance , I order them all the time with no out of pocket expenses for my patients. Hope this helps!!
  3. Eagle2110

    How to measure a wound

    Hi! Does your company have a policy? Where I work, length is always the longest point from 12-6, and width is the widest points while keeping the ruler straight from 9-3. We never measure diagonolly. Hope this helps.
  4. Eagle2110

    Foot Care Nursing Business

    Good morning! Im also interested in getting out on my own! I'm very much in the baby stages but have connected locally with a wonderful RN who has been doing it for years! However, she only does foot care once a month on average because of her other endeavors. I'm currently a wound care nurse so foot care is not foreign to me, but I don't get to focus solely on foot care while in clinic. My state laws doesn't state that a RN needs a physician's order for foot care; however, I've decided to contact the board to be sure about that. Will you have a clinic or only be mobile?
  5. Eagle2110

    Acceptance Email from Mcc Yet?

    Has anyone received an email from Meridian Community College regarding acceptance/rejection yet?
  6. Eagle2110

    Pseudomonas treatment

    Topical Gentamicin covers pseudomonas but he really needs to get his edema under control. If he cannot care for himself, then maybe it should be suggested that he goes somewhere with around the clock help. Also may need more compression than what the unna boot is giving. Hope this helps. Edited to add..... Reread your post. If the goal is to keep him at home, is a sitter feasible?
  7. Eagle2110

    Single mom nurse//opinions??

    Good morning!! From what I know of home health, it can be a great option, as long as you are mindful of finding a company with steady numbers. Not sure of where you live but some of the home health companies here don't get as much business as others. I work in a wound care clinic, Monday-Friday, 8-430. I'm a single mom also, works great for us!! My daughter turned 4 a couple of months after I started my first nursing job, also a Monday-Friday job. We too live a bit over an hour from family. She's 6 now but goes to an afterschool program at the same place that she attended daycare when we first moved!!
  8. Eagle2110

    What's it like working in wound care?

    Hi!! I love wound care!! I'm a case manager in a busy outpatient clinic. Patients are usually there less than an hour unless the patient is having an acute problem or being scheduled for surgery. I love the pace. I'm also a single mom so this is perfect for me and my ladybug: no weekends, no nights, off during holidays, 8 hour days ( sometimes less). 1) Patients check in, a nurse assesses the wound. 2)The physician sees the patient and debrided the wound if indicated. 3) He then lets us know what dressing to apply. Patient leaves, the end ....Until the next week, we see patients weekly. My only suggestion is to go in there eager and willing to dive into healing some folks!! The only complaint I have ever heard from our hiring department is when a interviewee admits that they're are "curious" about wound care but not sure if they can stomach it. Hope this helps!! I'm excited for you!!
  9. Eagle2110

    Wound Clinic for new grad?

    What is your main interest? Do you know what you want to do next? My first nursing job was as a treatment nurse for a year plus, I had no problems landing offers in other specialties after. I now work in a wound care center and i still use skills not always directly related to wound care ( IVs, Trachs, Foley's, medications); many of our patients are complex and/ or bedbound, which means we may have to address other issues while they are in our care.
  10. Eagle2110

    Wound Care Documentation

    Hi and welcome to the world of wound care!! Woundconsultant.com has some useful information. I once was a treatment nurse in a nursing home and pretty much had to educate myself. I now work for a wound care center and they provide an abundance of training. If your facility does not have their own established policy and procedures regarding documentation, or no one in-house who's very knowledgeable, maybe they would allow you to spend a day at a wound care clinic in order to learn enhance your documenting and wound care skills. Just a thought. Hope this helps!
  11. Eagle2110

    Need help with wound supplies - Medicare Insurance

    Hi. Do you know if private duty nursing is the same as home health? I work in wound care and if the patient has home health then home health is required to provide all supplies since Medicare is paying home health. If not then yes there are DME companies that you can order supplies through. TWS and Prism are two companies that come to mind. If he does have a wound care center that he goes to then they probably have certain companies they use or may even provide patients with supplies directly. Hope this helps.
  12. Eagle2110

    Measure epithelialization as part of wound?

    Sorry for the late response, no I don't measure it. I only document that it is there
  13. Eagle2110

    Inane scripting

    Hilarious!! You made me laugh. I'm from the south, and "showed his/her a**" is definitely a common phrase when speaking of a child misbehaving:roflmao:
  14. Eagle2110

    Measure epithelialization as part of wound?

    Hi! Does your company have a file for policies and procedures regarding wound care? I've worked for a nursing home before that didn't specify and use to wonder the same thing! But anyway, to answer your question......at my facility, we only measure what's open, not healed. Hope this helps!!
  15. Eagle2110

    New to wound care.... Several questions

    1. I have had physician's instruct cutting the sponge either way depending on the nature of the wound. 2. Misty may be right. I can't say either way because all of VACs are set to constant. 3. RNs do apply TCC at our clinic. Our patient's sign forms consenting to be treated and knowledge of their patient's rights; one right is the right to refuse any part of treatment. TCC is part of their treatment, but of course, they can refuse. 4. May have to look at your facility's policies and procedures. We go from 12-6 for length and 9-3 for width. I attended a training class for my company and heard other nurses speaking against this due to training they've received elsewhere. I have also had physician's go in after nurses and frown upon measurements because they did not agree. I politely say, " Our part is the nursing assessment, completed by a nurse. Feel free to chart your measurements under your notes." ( I know you did not ask for that tidbit, but reading that part made me think of a couple of our docs!)
  16. Eagle2110

    New at wound care

    Hi! Does the patient have an order for a wound consult? I used telfa when I worked in a nursing home since it was non-adherent, but now that I've had acutal wound care training, I realize that telfa can allow drainage to sit on the wound and make it worse.
  17. Eagle2110

    Typical day at a wound care center

    Hi!! I'm a case manager at a fairly busy wound care clinic so hopefully I give you the answer you need. Monday-Friday we see an average of 20 patients per day. When the patient comes in, a nurse takes their vital signs and assess their wounds. Then the case manager and the doctor goes in; at this point, most wounds are debrided. The doctor lets the case manager what dressing to apply. The case manager relays this message to the other nurses who then discharge the patient ( apply the dressing). The case manager is responsible for coordinating all the care that patient may needs ( supplies, home health, tests, cultures, equipment, EVERYTHING). Let me know if you have anything clarified. Hope this helps some! And oh, yes I love it. It's amazing witnessing a wound heal. I have watched patients' entire lives transform after finally finding a wound care center dedicated to helping them heal. Many fear the worst and lose sleep and happiness from the thought of losing a limb or life. We have a bell that we hit whenever we heal a patient, we absolutely love it!! I also like the steady work and the fact that the patients comes and go instead of being in a room all day with a call light :-).
  18. Eagle2110

    Does this feeling ever go away?

    I think it does go away, especially if you're working in an area of nursing you love; and/ or a good work environment. Experience does matter but I do not think it takes "years" for that experience to come. Some people are natural born problem solvers and find ways to work "smarter" instead of "harder" from the get-go. Plus, maybe being an aide is just not your thing, so please don't compare it with nursing. When I worked in a nursing home, I constantly applauded the aides I worked with because I did not desire their job and took longer doing the things they did with ease ( and vice versa, many voiced that they did not find nursing appealing). You seem to be a doer and very focused; which leads me to believe that you'll do fine as long as you're working in a nursing area or environment that suits you. Best of prayers to you!
  19. Eagle2110

    Nursing scholarships?

    Congrats!! Which scholarship is that? I'm in MS as well
  20. Eagle2110

    Lunch breaks during clinicals

    Now that I have to think about it......We didn't have lunch breaks
  21. Eagle2110

    How are your grades posted?

    I'm a little jealous of those of you how can pass with at least 75% and those who have grades other than from tests; 80% is passing for us and our only grades are from tests which are 50 questions/ 2pts, except for our final which is 100 questions/ 1pt a piece. But your final grade is rounded, .5 and higher are rounded up. But if for example you have a 79.49, you still fail...ONLY .5 rounds up.
  22. Eagle2110


    Hello everyone! I'm commuting to nursing school this upcoming spring. It'll be an hour drive for me one-way, does anyone else do this or is going to? Did it work out fine or is it draining?
  23. Eagle2110

    I'm In! But Can I Afford It?!?

    You're not alone! I'm praying and pondering as well. However, I am keeping my job because I have bills AND will have to find a daycare for my child. Just like you, I've been fortunate enough to keep her at home until now. Do you have a WIN job center in your city? It funds certain programs at accredited schools. But the deadlines are rolling up so you may want to check on it asap. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of work do you do from home? I've been wanting an at home job since I was pregnant but can't find anything legit.
  24. Eagle2110


    Thanks for the replies. Yes they do have dorms but I have a child! I chose the school because its financial aid dept is being more helpful than the other CC I was accepted to( I have a Bachelors already so no federal funds for me).
  25. Eagle2110

    How long did you lurk before you joined?

    As soon as I realized you could join! Lol. When I first realized I had to take TEAS, I would google information about it which would lead me here. I felt it would be great to belong to this site if I was accepted into NS because then I would have people to talk to along the way!!

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