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  1. HappyGurlMC2013

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    If this happened as stated, I don’t understand why this manager didn’t take the new or discharging patient. The problem with staffing is that it’s like budgets-If you get by for too long without appropriate staff (i.e. a monitor tech) then they just don’t allow for those FTEs in the budget. This problem is further compounded by the fact that acute care facilities are routinely assigning more patients than the recommended limits to their nurses, for the area of specialty, without consideration for the acuity of the individual patient or the acuity of the other patients already assigned to their staff. It’s a double edged sword. If you refuse, you face disciplinary action from the facility. If you accept the assignment and something terrible happens on your watch because you were stretched too thin, you face disciplinary action from the Board of Nursing or, worse, becoming the subject of a lawsuit. I feel for this woman and hope that she’s somehow made whole.
  2. HappyGurlMC2013

    Transition to Childbirth Educator

    Hello All, I come here for benefit of your collective knowledge. Prior to and during Nursing school, I worked outpatient for OB/GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists in administrative capacities and acted as staff chaperone/assistant for office visits and in office procedures like LEEP, IUI, and IUD and Pessary placement; I also worked inpatient LDRP as an Executive Assistant, Unit Clerk, and CNA. Cumulatively, this was at least 16 years worth of experience. After school, I was a good doobie and did my time to get a year under my belt in Med-Surg. As that year closed out, I was offered a job as a Nurse in Reproductive Endocrinology (yay!). Unfortunately, before I could even give notice at my job, I was injured by a patient. An injury that left me with bilateral nerve damage and weakness in my upper extremities. It's been a long road of surgery and rehab but the damage cannot be corrected so, I'm looking for a way to rebuild my Nursing life without the need of my hands. My current plan includes ICEA Certification as a Childbirth Educator and seeking outpatient employment or partnership with one or more OB/GYN practices or hospitals. My question for you, my esteemed colleagues, is, if you have made a niche for yourself in Women's Health how? Does this sound like a reasonable career path? Do you have a less than "traditional" in Women's Health Nursing? If so, Pls. share! Elle
  3. HappyGurlMC2013

    I have made a complaint against an NP

    I know to those of us who don’t work in the milieu, one’s choice of attire and/or footwear seems irrelevant however, my clinical instructor for psych instructed us all to not get excited about wearing street clothes for the rotation because we needed to, and I quote “dress like Quakers”. She explained that low necklines and tight silhouettes on female students could be viewed as suggestive by patients who already may have difficulty understanding and picking up on social cues. She also explained not to wear ANYTHING that could be made into a weapon. No hair sticks, no cutesy badge holders made of other hospital materials, etc.-my guess is she’d flip over stilettos in the milieu. When you add all of these things with the withdrawal of antipsychotics, this person could be putting herself and everyone who works with her at risk.