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Transition to Childbirth Educator

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Hello All, 

     I come here for benefit of your collective knowledge.  Prior to and during Nursing school, I worked outpatient for OB/GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists in administrative capacities and acted as staff chaperone/assistant for office visits and in office procedures like LEEP, IUI, and IUD and Pessary placement; I also worked inpatient LDRP as an Executive Assistant, Unit Clerk, and CNA.  Cumulatively, this was at least 16 years worth of experience.

     After school, I was a good doobie and did my time to get a year under my belt in Med-Surg.  As that year closed out, I was offered a job as a Nurse in Reproductive Endocrinology (yay!). Unfortunately, before I could even give notice at my job, I was injured by a patient.  An injury that left me with bilateral nerve damage and weakness in my upper extremities.  It's been a long road of surgery and rehab but the damage cannot be corrected so, I'm looking for a way to rebuild my Nursing life without the need of my hands.  

     My current plan includes ICEA Certification as a Childbirth Educator and seeking outpatient employment or partnership with one or more OB/GYN practices or hospitals.  

     My question for you, my esteemed colleagues, is, if you have made a niche for yourself in Women's Health how? Does this sound like a reasonable career path? Do you have a less than "traditional" in Women's Health Nursing?  If so, Pls. share!


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