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  1. Hello all, After I graduated I moved from MD to WY to work as a nurse, but now I am back in MD and still am finding it difficult to get a job. I would appreciate any input on my resume. I have this resume and then another that does not have a skills section and just one detailed professional summary, but the descriptions under the professional experience becomes much more wordier. Please excuse the poor organization (the skill highlights section is really two columns), it looks better in a word document. Name, RN 555 Street - City, State zip - Phone - Email Dedicated professional with a strong work ethic and a commitment to patient satisfaction. Seeking a full-time Registered Nurse position for any shift in a X environment. PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTES Experienced RN; over a year of nursing experience in perioperative and psychiatric nursing. Leadership roles; ran charge nurse in pain department and psych unit and precepted approximately ten new employees. Maintains a high level of self-standard; enrolled in a BSN program and expected to graduate in 2016, high scores on performance appraisals. Detail oriented; capacity to multitask and work at a fast pace while maintaining patient safety. LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION Maryland RN License, active, License #, February 2013-Present ACLS, active, expires February 2016 BLS, active, expires July 2016 SKILL HIGHLIGHTS IV initiation and therapy Medication administration Patient/family education Crisis intervention/ de-escalation EKG Meditech and Misys Tiger EMR Medical billing Conscious sedation EDUCATION University, City, State- BSN expected 2016 graduation Community College, City, State - ADN received December 2012 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Per Diem RN, Endoscopy Center, City, State, February/March 2013, July 2014-Present Responsible for pre-op and post-op care for all patients in ASC. Per Diem RN, Pain Center, City, State, July 2014-Present Works in the PACU recovering all patients after procedures. RN, Pain Department, Hospital, City, State, June 2013-July 2014 Circulated throughout pre-op, OR, and PACU providing care for interventional pain management and diagnostic procedures, assisted with the implementation of an outreach ASC, and participated as the department's representative on the hospital's employee satisfaction committee. RN, Adult Inpatient Unit, Hospital, City, State, April 2013-February 2014 Provided care for patients with a broad range of psychiatric disorders as well as chemical dependency in an acute 30-40 bed unit. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Member, American Nurses Association, January 2014-Present VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Company Name, Hands-on-Healthcare Project, Location, July 2012 Organized and participated in healthcare clinics providing education and resources to the people of (location).
  2. Thank you for replying RNsRWe! I found out the anesthesiologist is in fact ACLS certified and they need me to be as well. I also found out I am in fact just being the witness to the patient's signature for the consents. So far everything has been going well and I really like the job, but it is just PRN and something for experience until I find a F/T job!
  3. knursing54

    RN jobs around Capser?

    Hi PacesFerryBSN, I haven't posted on enough threads to be able to send PMs so if you could PM me that would be great! Thanks!
  4. knursing54

    RN jobs around Capser?

    Hi, I am a new RN interested in relocating out of state and WY especially around the Casper area is of great interest to me. I have already tried applying to the hospital in Casper but they informed me they only hire new grads into their new grad program which doesn't start until June. This is a possibility but I was hoping to get started in something sooner. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I am not picky and the only real important thing to me is that the place I work at is supportive and respectful of me. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I just recently start working at an outpatient endoscopy center as my first nursing job. I will eventually be the only RN working at a time and feel somewhat nervous especially if an emergency were to occur. I plan to become ACLS certified as soon as possible, but the MD I work for did not seemed to be too concerned about it and said as long as I get it within the next month or so it is fine. Most of patients we do see are stable, but you never know what could happen which scares me especially because the MD no longer gets ACLS certified and when I ask about the anesthesiologist being certified people just says well yeah he is "supposed to be." So basically is this normal, or something I should definitely be worried about? Also, as the RN I will be responsible for getting the informed consent for the procedure and anesthesia signed. I know this is outside my scope of practice if it is not just witnessing the signature, but how do I make sure that this is all it is other than asking the patient is they understand the procedure and if the MD has already explained everything to them? Everything is computerized and I cannot write anywhere that I am just a witness to them signing. For the most part I feel comfortable with the job, but I guess since I did not get any formal training from the previous RN I just want to be clear what is typical of a RN outpatient endo nurse doing admits and post procedure duties. I appreciate any advice and tips!
  6. knursing54

    Success in Mother Baby?

    Hello! I just began my Mother baby rotation and just wondering if you all had any tips/advice for theory and clinical success. I did very well in fundamentals and am wondering how much more difficult Mother Baby is going to be. Any key focus points are much appreciated!
  7. knursing54

    2nd week in Nursing school and freaking out

    Yeah, same thing happened to me, but like others said this is pretty much brand new stuff you're learning so it is going to be frustrating at times. As long as you put in the effort and use your resources more than likely you will do just fine:)