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  1. kellenburg

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    Took my NCLEX-RN yesterday.. The Pearson Vue trick says I failed. I am hoping it's wrong!
  2. kellenburg

    Head to Toe Assessment Guide

    Thank you for this!! It will really help to gather all the information for report to the instructor and for care maps!
  3. kellenburg

    RN student = CNA?

    Okay!! Thanks so much! I just figured that it would be a better step to have my CNA rather than to work as a UAP.
  4. kellenburg

    RN student = CNA?

    Hi All, I am a first year nursing student working for my two year RN degree. One of my instructors informed the class that after our first semester we will be able to work as UAP's and will have equal status as a CNA. I was wondering if anyone knows if after the first semester we are eligible to take our CNA certification test?? This is in Georgia.