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NursesAreAngels2 has 5 years experience and specializes in LTC/Rehab.

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  1. NursesAreAngels2

    ISU LPN to BSN Tests

    Can you test out of chemistry and communications? Those are my last 2 classes that I need besides the nursing test outs in phase 2. I will be transferring into the program with 65 gen ed credits and my LPN so it should only take me another 2 years to complete the program.
  2. you can't do the program if you reside in NY unfortunately. They have no approved the program yet.
  3. NursesAreAngels2

    Indianapolis Job Market for LPN

    I did apply to the jail system about a week ago. I haven't heard anything yet. thank you for the information it is very helpful. I have had my license since 2007 but I've mainly done LTC and rehab so I don't know if that will help for trying to get a job anywhere outside the nursing home.
  4. NursesAreAngels2

    Indianapolis Job Market for LPN

    My husband is medically retiring from the Army very soon. It will most likely be in the next month. We are relocating to Indianapolis and I'm wondering how the job market is for LPN's. I'm starting the process to endorse into the state for my license so that I can try and find a job right away. I will work anywhere I'm not picky. I plan on doing my LPN to BSN through ISU also. I'm hoping to start that in the Spring 2013. Any help would be great.
  5. NursesAreAngels2

    ISU and Ivy Tech?

    It says on ISU website you can complete the phase 1 pre-reqs through IVY tech. Do they actually provide the classes online? I can't find the information on the Ivy Tech website. I only need 4 classes to move to phase 2 and I have half the gen ed to phase 3 done. Trying to complete the last 4 classes spring semester so I can do the nursing tests. Anyone have any info. Thanks
  6. NursesAreAngels2


    dehydration most likely
  7. NursesAreAngels2

    WWYD if..

    This is all true. I'm just concerned because I've already been dragged into a potential law suit because of the actions of this person and another. The persons BS are always in the 80's the days I don't follow her and the person gets the ordered units of Lantus, the days I do follow her the persons BS are close to 200. The person has alot of issues, ESRD, Liver Failure, DM, etc.
  8. NursesAreAngels2

    Terminated and need advice

    It probably wasn't a sliding scale insulin. I'm guessing it was Lantus or 70/30
  9. NursesAreAngels2

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    Where in Upstate NY is that? I graduated and worked in NY and never made that kind of money, maybe I should have moved to where you lived lol
  10. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    I did start a Intro to Chemistry a long time ago and I hated I ended up dropping the class. It just didn't interest me so I learned nothing. That was a long time ago so maybe I will find it more interesting now.
  11. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    I have taken pharmacology and had an excellent grade. I have absolutely no chemistry background not even an High School level. Can't comment on pathophysiology I've never taken that class.
  12. NursesAreAngels2

    Horrible CNA's

    I can definetely see your frustration with the CNA with the attitude about helping transfer someone. I had an issue once with a CNA who got mad at me cause I asked her to change someone that was covered in feces because it was going to cut into her lunch break. Now mind you if I hadn't just removed someones bandages and was in the process of changing them I would have done it myself unfortunately I had someone with leaking wounds from the severe edema they had that I had to tend to first. I will say this though I have no problem ever helping my CNA's and I expect the same from them in return.
  13. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    I understand the whole well rounded education but to be honest most the classes they require just don't apply to actually performing the job. I just don't feel I need anymore history to be able to work and function as a nurse. Language I can kind of see because we have no designated language in this country and there are a lot of people that don't speak english. I don't even mind doing the chemistry because it does apply but some stuff could definetely go.
  14. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    hmm every school I've looked at requires it.
  15. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    When I say fluff I meant unnecessary. Explain to me what the need for Calc, and Stat, have anything to do with Nursing? Chemistry imo is questionable whether needed or not. You don't think some of the required classes are just a way for the college to make money? I do.
  16. NursesAreAngels2

    Denied admission for BSN program

    Plan on needing 2 semesters of a language also, that is always a requirement I've found. Is this an accelerated program?