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  1. cali408

    GWU BSN to DNP-FNP Fall 2018

    Has anyone had any luck reaching someone in the admission's department? I have some questions about courses and possible transfer credit, but I cant seem to ever reach anyone via the telephone, and email has not provided anything as well.
  2. cali408


    Hi, I know this is an old post, but I wanted to see if you were still in the program. If so, how do you like it and how did you go about paying for it? I was just admitted to the FNP program for the 2018 year, so any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. cali408

    GWU BSN to DNP-FNP Fall 2018

    I just got word I was accepted in the program today! Congrats everyone! Do you know if there's a facebook page just yet?
  4. cali408

    CCRN Study partner: Tampa fl

    I'm not in FL, but I am on the study journey with a similar timeline as well! Good luck! I am looking for study material as we speak. How do you like the DVDs? Did you purchase directly from her website?
  5. cali408

    Compact Licensure

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it! I'm still a legal resident of TX which is why I was confused. So I guess I will have to change to NC and then reapply all over when we move back to tx? Goodness this is expensive lol
  6. cali408

    Compact Licensure

    Hey Guys! I have a question (I am awaiting a response from BON), but if any of you all know, it would be great for some pointers and tips. I have a compact RN license from BON TX, however, I am now in NC for some work. While working at 1 hospital in NC, I was never asked to change my license, however, I am at a new hospital in NC and they are asking specifically for a NC license despite my compact status (& NC is a compact state). I looked up NC license info, and by signing up for an NC license by endorsement, it will require that I relinquish Tx license (not to mention it's $200+ to request a NC license and fingerprints, etc). So I would love to avoid all of this if I can & save myself money/time. Anyone familiar with any of this who has a compact license? Thanks for looking!
  7. cali408

    Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

    I am fine at UNC..but it's not within the ICU specialty I was looking for. Duke & Wake Med both being trauma centers, I figured I would get back to what I enjoy doing. I have heard some horror stories about Duke's nursing culture....but I'm just looking to maintain my skills...so even something PRN or part time...I mean even Float pool seems difficult to get into!! lol
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to the NC area (6 months) and have run into a hard time finding job offers in the area. I have over 5 years experience in both adult and pediatric ICU (Level I trauma), but yet cannot get even a call from area hospitals. I have accepted a position at UNC (but not in ICU) to get me by, however, I can't get anything at Wake Med & Duke ...even with internal employee referrals to both. I have tried calling the recruiter lines, but of course you dont get to speak with a recruiter lol. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone else experience similar events, but now working at either of the facilities? Can you provide any insight? Thanks in advance!!
  9. cali408

    UNC DNP 2015

    Thank you guys for all of the info! I am glad to know I am not the only one anxiously waiting!! I am going crazy!! lol:eek:
  10. cali408

    UNC DNP 2015

    Hello Everyone! I was curious to see if there was anyone else out there who has applied for the UNC-Chapel Hill BSN-DNP program for 2015 admit?
  11. cali408

    Houston lets talk Trauma

    If you do not mind me asking what units did you interview for? I currently work at MH in the Medical Center and I can provide you with some information regarding the two, but of course, the experience depends largely on the unit you are working on...
  12. cali408

    Preceptor Help in Houston..Anyone..Please!

    Thank you all for the suggestions...I will definitely give it another go and see what I find. Doesn't hurt to try....
  13. Hello Everyone! I know this is an unusual place for such a request, but I have seriously exhausted all options . I am a 2nd year FNP student and in need of a preceptor for my upcoming clinicals this Spring 2012. Preceptor requirements for my school entail that the PCP be a licensed MD, DO, Master's prepared FNP, or Certified Nurse Midwife. So if there is anyone out there that is willing to help me out or even knows of a clinician who might be interested in teaching a student...please, please, please let me know!! (It has been surprisingly difficult to obtain a preceptor in Houston) I do not mind driving either! Thanks!