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Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the NC area (6 months) and have run into a hard time finding job offers in the area. I have over 5 years experience in both adult and pediatric ICU (Level I trauma), but yet cannot get even a call from area hospitals. I have accepted a position at UNC (but not in ICU) to get me by, however, I can't get anything at Wake Med & Duke ...even with internal employee referrals to both. I have tried calling the recruiter lines, but of course you dont get to speak with a recruiter lol. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone else experience similar events, but now working at either of the facilities? Can you provide any insight?

Thanks in advance!!

That's funny. I was offered a position at Duke, but I'd rather be at UNC.

Any reason you don't want to keep the job you've been offered?

The way I got in to interview (and ultimately get a job offer) was I went online and chatted with their nurse recruiters. There's a link on their HR page that connects you directly to them. They were extremely helpful and I had a job interview within a few days.

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WakeMed is very hard to get into.

I just called the nurse recruitment line to find out my status. been there 2 years. it's funny, I have a colleague that went to UNC and couldn't get a job there or Rex, but got one at Duke.

I swear it depends on the day and the mood of the recruiters.

Also, I just heard, I think it was here, that they are sifting through 600+ resumes right now. We are trying to hire an aide from float pool, but even she has to go through recruitment.

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Nevermind. I realize you said you've been at Duke for 2 years.

I am fine at UNC..but it's not within the ICU specialty I was looking for. Duke & Wake Med both being trauma centers, I figured I would get back to what I enjoy doing. I have heard some horror stories about Duke's nursing culture....but I'm just looking to maintain my skills...so even something PRN or part time...I mean even Float pool seems difficult to get into!! lol

Yeah if you haven't already I would definitely recommend reaching out to the nurse recruiters through chat. I did it and was taking directly with a recruiter. We even got disconnected and she called me on the phone. I had already filled out an application for a position and they said they would reach out to that nurse manager for me specifically. It wasn't an ICU position but it was in peds. Two days later I had an interview set-up.

Especially with that much experience I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to get in somewhere.

I think they are available Tuesday's and Thursday's online.

I am considering about moving to NC from California so I will be with my family. I also interested in Duke/ UNC. I wonder what is the ratio on the floor/ telemetry in NC? It seems like most of the RN in ICU, inpatient need to rotate shift.