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  1. UPDATE: I've also gotten a letter in the mail now from College of Nursing! (To my address in Ga). I've accepted my offer, paid my deposit, and I've been added to the admitted students listserv. Hope everyone hears soon!
  2. Cnsiffor that makes me very unhappy!
  3. Yeah pediatric primary. It's separate from family track. &Probably one of the easier specialties because there's typically less interest. I got an email telling me to check the site that I submitted my application on (app.apply I think) and then there was a link saying my decision was ready to be viewed. So just keep checking!
  4. Joy is better when it's multiplied so please update when yall find out!
  5. Anyone else heard anything?!
  6. I got an email this morning. I'm in shock. I'm in!
  7. healtheworld

    Accepted a job at UNC. Where should I live?

    I applied Feb 25 and I was contacted like 2 weeks later and interviewed like two weeks after that (giving myself time to get a plane ticket to fly up there) and I was offered the position the day after I interviewed. So the whole process took about a month given some delays because of scheduling conflicts and the fact that I was traveling from Florida. I think that was a pretty quick turnaround. Duke is the only other hospital in the area I applied to and interviewed with. I was offered a position there but declined it even before knowing that I would get an interview at UNC. A major deciding factor in that was the pay. I just wasn't happy with the salary offer at Duke and I had heard rumors that pay was better at UNC. Luckily, my starting salary offer at UNC was just about $2 more than what they had offered at Duke. Both hospitals had extremely kind and professional leadership (on the surface at least) and had staff that told me they loved their jobs. Duke just didn't seem like the right place for me. I'm so glad that I didn't accept that position because UNC seems much more my style. Innovative, professional (uniformity with scrub color), welcoming (they offered me the position very next day and the HR recruiter was just as excited as me), and just brighter overall (I can't explain, but it just seemed nicer). I've also heard only good things about Rex Hospital but I think that's a little far from Cary. I'm not certain though. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi! So i just accepted a job at UNC healthcare in Chapel Hill and I'm quite excited about it. I am moving from out of state and I have no idea what the area is like. I've looked around quite a bit (online and when I was there for interviews) and I have a good idea of some places I would like to live however I have a few questions. The nurse recruiter from HR recommended nearby areas like Southern Village to live. I agree those places are nice, but they are also pretty expensive comparatively. I know that parking at UNC (until you get off the waiting list for a parking spot) is the park and ride system which seems a little complicated and makes me want to live closer by. But based on what I've seen, I feel that most of the nicer options in the areas closer to the hospital are more expensive than say, Raleigh apts that are nicer. I feel like all the reasonably priced places are very old and out dated, which I would like to avoid if possible. Anyone have any advice on this? Is traffic horrible between Raleigh and Chapel Hill? I was in the brier creek area and I loved it. Also, I saw south point mall area and liked it. Would it be a bad idea to live about 25 minutes from the hospital? Do most nurses that work at UNC live in that chapel hill area? Should I just live closer and deal with it? Does the park and ride system work well, meaning its possible to get to work on time? Any other suggestions for areas I could live? I'm young and single so I don't want to live in areas that are too family centered. I'd like to meet other people my age and have interesting things to do. Any help will be VERY appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. That's all super helpful!! Thanks. I applied to Pediatric track but I imagine all the specialties other than FNP will have around that same 30ish number of admits. Also good to know about the weekend option. I already applied full time and I would like to be able to work full time too so I'm glad they didn't completely object to that.
  10. Wow, that's a 2 hour trip, right? Also, in case anyone cares, I spoke with an advisor today and she still says Mid May at the latest. I asked her what the criteria was for decisions and the first thing she said was GPA. Then she talked about having the req'd experience. Then she mentioned personal statement and following the checklist.
  11. Is anyone else not already near Chapel Hill? Who's having to move if they get accepted?
  12. I'm with you. I can't wait to know one way or another!
  13. healtheworld

    Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

    Yeah if you haven't already I would definitely recommend reaching out to the nurse recruiters through chat. I did it and was taking directly with a recruiter. We even got disconnected and she called me on the phone. I had already filled out an application for a position and they said they would reach out to that nurse manager for me specifically. It wasn't an ICU position but it was in peds. Two days later I had an interview set-up. Especially with that much experience I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to get in somewhere. I think they are available Tuesday's and Thursday's online.
  14. healtheworld

    Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

    Nevermind. I realize you said you've been at Duke for 2 years.
  15. healtheworld

    Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

    mmc, Where do you work?
  16. healtheworld

    Getting a response from Duke Hospital..

    That's funny. I was offered a position at Duke, but I'd rather be at UNC. Any reason you don't want to keep the job you've been offered? The way I got in to interview (and ultimately get a job offer) was I went online and chatted with their nurse recruiters. There's a link on their HR page that connects you directly to them. They were extremely helpful and I had a job interview within a few days.