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hell0nurse has 11 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

Emergency RN with an LPN background in Peds, Women's Health, and Psych. Grinding out my BSN and then onto DNP. No way to go but up! 

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  1. hell0nurse

    Work Bag

    I got the full size Maevn bag! I wish it had a spot for shoes but otherwise I love it. If your work lockers are tiny, they have a mini! Check it out: https://www.uniformadvantage.com/pages/prod/maevn-ready-grey-clinical-backpack.asp
  2. hell0nurse

    Nursemates alternative

    I've found Yuu brand shoes to be some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had, and I also love Nursemates. The first time I tried on a pair of Yuu sandals, I wore them out of the store! ? They have clogs, Mary Janes, etc. Link below: https:...
  3. hell0nurse

    Beck Area Career Center - LPN?

    The entrance exam for Beck is basically like a standard GED test, unless the new director has changed that, too.
  4. hell0nurse

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Now THAT is what I call going GREEN!
  5. hell0nurse

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    You know, when I said you should try not to "get into it" Respiratory Therapy, this is exactly what I meant!
  6. hell0nurse

    Beck Area Career Center - LPN?

    Let us know when you get your acceptance letter! ;D
  7. hell0nurse

    Beck Area Career Center - LPN?

    Hi there!It's not very formal, just a one on one so they can talk to you about your expectations and theirs. They might ask if you have any medical background (CNA, etc.) or why you want to go to Beck, or where your career goals lie, that sort of thi...
  8. hell0nurse

    Grading Scale

    There are times when you've got to be assertive (like with the pumping, bravo, by the way! I've really been there, lol) and then there are things you may not be able to change. If you really are finding, though, that the grading scale is being twiste...
  9. Did any of you start applying BEFORE graduation? I graduate in December and I'm wondering when I should start sending out resumes!
  10. hell0nurse

    Grading Scale

    I've never heard of that before...doesn't seem fair to me.
  11. hell0nurse

    Beck Area Career Center - LPN?

    I'm in! I'm in! Praise Jesus!
  12. hell0nurse

    I'm in! Woo-hoo!

    I got into nursing (LPN) school at Beck in Red Bud, IL. Classes start in January and there are still a few hoops to jump through but I got my acceptance letter and I'm so ready to begin!
  13. hell0nurse

    Roll call for LPN students starting in Jan 2012

    I'm hoping to start in January, here in SW Illinois. Passed the test, did great in the interview, just waiting for my acceptance letter (they send them out in October)! I'll be 28 on Monday and I've got 2 kids, 10 mos. and 4, plus I've got my 12 yr o...
  14. hell0nurse

    Beck Area Career Center - LPN?

    This is the school I'm hoping to start attending in January! Does anyone have any experience they'd like to share?