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  1. NelRN

    Training on Dialysis

    hi im currently undergoing training on a dialysis center and im planning to take the renap exam. Can you suggest what review materials is best to read before taking the exam
  2. NelRN

    what are the requirements to work in australia

    hi there I also want to work there Im RN since 2010 and i really want to fulfill my aussie dream. haha, and the only thing I have is that it cost way too much and that i will have to borrow money from my relatives.. DO you also plan in getting a student Visa?
  3. Hi guys!! I just want to ask cause Im an RN since july 2010 but with only 3months trainee experience in a Specialty hospital, and ever since I've been wanting to work in Australia, and before an agency told me that atleast I need a 1 year experience to qualify for bridging program instead she advised me to train there for years, i think what shes offering to me is that I study and work there, I mean is this even a good choice? And even If i had only 3months hospital experience, will I be able to pass the Bridging program?cuz its damn so expensive!! I mean Which one is better the BP or the long years? What's the best place in australia to take BP? In terms of passing rate, and high possibility of employment. And also, anyone here from PHILMAN, i heard theres no cash out? I mean after BP all of their clients landed a job there? Another thing,What if I choose to take the long course which is years for you to be an AU RN, and someone wants to offer me a working visa, is this possible?? Im not really choosy when it comes to work so i can work in a nursing home but I do have scoliosis and maybe they won't hire because they may think im not fit to work.. I hope you cn answer my queries, cause this all new to me and I really want to work as a nurse in australia! Goodbless to all the nurses!!!:))))
  4. NelRN

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    hi just want to ask regarding the RN heal project2 , cuz im planning to pass my application in 3 hospitals here in our province and also other hospitals in manila( if its still on going).. is it okay to pass your application as many hospital as you can to be sure.. tnx.. luckily i read tonight that rnhelas is open.. hope they're still accepting godbless us all.. reply asap please!!!

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