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  1. Tenacious Me

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Just want to clarify that I don’t work for that greedy corporation anymore!
  2. Tenacious Me

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    The OP and similar posts really nailed it! When I started in nursing over twenty years ago, I never thought there would be backstabbing, sabotage, under training and all of the other bad nursing behavior described here in this thread. I never thought administrators would put money over quality patient care. Silly, silly me - I had no idea! Not a clue! A recent job made it no secret that they were 150% interested in saving money vs. safe patient care and relied heavily on skilled nursing or home health to fill in the gaps where they were unwilling to pay hospital rates. The most disgusting thing about it was being blamed because your patient was in the hospital too long and somehow this was solely your fault. The lies you tell in order to get patients to agree to the discharge plan. This experience made me take a step back to evaluate why I became a nurse at all. Has it come to this? Lying to patients to save money for a billion dollar corporation? My answer to that is....I still love nursing. I still love making that connection to patients and families in their most trying times. I still love educating patients on their health conditions and seeing them make changes for the better.
  3. Tenacious Me

    Headache from N95

    No headaches so far, but I have had pain behind my ears from the weight of the masks.
  4. Tenacious Me

    Covid19 and nursing home placement

    And that’s all who’s hiring right now in healthcare around here - travel nurses for hospitals, hospice and COVID nursing homes. No thank you! They’re calling us heroes during this disaster, but I resent the growing expectation that healthcare workers should be falling all over ourselves to work in these high risk facilities without a second thought. This sh!* is mentally and emotionally draining! They promise you PPE but it’s still in short supply and you’re asked to reuse certain things. People are only being tested if they’re actively showing one of the three most common symptoms. Never mind that you can be asymptomatic and a carrier of the virus and exposing others. Before I leave my shift, I go through a mental check list - wipe down my station, work phone and the cart. When I leave, I wipe the elevator buttons with disinfectant. When I get in my car, I wipe down all of the touch points in my car, put all disposables in a daily trash bag in the back seat and put my masks in a paper bag. Then I just sit for a minute or two to decompress. Last week, I was so emotionally and physically tired that I had to call my husband just to hear the reassurance and support in his voice.
  5. Tenacious Me

    Rejecting an interview

    You can reject the interview and remind the recruiter about your original interest in the other job; no bridges burned. I’ve come across a few recruiters lately who’ve been playing the same game.
  6. Tenacious Me

    Abandoning Ship

    I completely understand. Due to the virus, the time is right to try other areas of nursing that aren’t direct patient care and your risk for infection is lowered. It’s something to think about.
  7. Tenacious Me


    Sorry this happened to you, but it sounds like you dodged a huge bullet! You now have the freedom to find a better and less stressful opportunity elsewhere. It’s been my experience that when jobs start out like this, the worst is yet to come and it’s definitely not worth the stress, aggravation or time! I’ve tried hoping for the better, being overly flexible, etc and all the other things we do to make a square fit into a round hole. We ignore all the red flags! I’m much more comfortable asking about the company culture, training and on boarding/retention policies prior to accepting new positions. Maybe I’m just an old nurse, but life is too short to work in toxic environments with cutthroat coworkers. Being a nurse is hard enough!
  8. Tenacious Me

    Disrespect & Profanity

    In my most recent work adventure, one of the medical directors would cuss during our rounds calls to express his displeasure with area hospitals and their staff, and even non compliant patients who have frequent admissions. Patients are admitted for a number of reasons, but cussing about their admission and how it cuts into profits isn’t the reason I became a nurse. Not at all! The company’s lack of infrastructure and poor planning to create and strengthen relationships with other hospitals should be taken offline and discussed with the appropriate stakeholders in that section. I have enough things on my plate and do not have room in my schedule to be a contract negotiator, claims adjuster, medical records clerk or provider relations wizard.
  9. The World Is Yours....

  10. Tenacious Me

    I want to help!

    If you have an account in the job sites (Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, Indeed, etc) recruiters will be contacting you directly for immediate placement. I was hired in 2 days working for the local health department due to the virus. A recruiter called me after seeing my resume. Good luck!
  11. My current employer is going through major reconstruction” and my department is on the chopping block for layoffs. Although it's sad, I'm excited to take this time to finish my BSN. I only have to finish four classes before I can start the program. So what's the problem? I'm the breadwinner in my house and I'm concerned about how to make ends meet while I'm in school - paying the mortgage, daycare, etc. I've stopped and started a couple of times because of my home life in the last few years and I also have a little one at home who needs me. I feel like if I don't sacrifice this time now, then I'll never get it done. I work in UM and I've always been lucky with finding really good paying jobs. If I start a new job, I'm afraid I'll be stuck and unable to see this through. In a nutshell, I don't want to look back on my life and feel bad for not following my dreams because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pay the bills.
  12. Tenacious Me

    My first unsuccessful code blue

    Oh dear ((hugs)). Sometimes cases like this are a real sucker punch. Take comfort in knowing that you did everything you could. Self care - music, hot bath, meditation, etc. will also help. And if you feel the need, a good cry.
  13. Tenacious Me

    Cm is a thankless job!

    I too feel the same. You bust your hump day in and day out, and often get no thanks at all and it's off to the next train wreck. I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot change anyone but myself, but if I can affect the winds of change in someone else's life, then I have done what was needed. Some of my most difficult patients end up being the success stories and they often acknowledge how I helped them. As someone else said, it takes some time to understand this, but eventually you will, even if it's just to save your own sanity.
  14. Tenacious Me

    Overwhelmed at my new job..

    The one thing that nursing will teach you is patience. As you learn more, things will become easier and you'll have your own rhythm and pattern of doing things.
  15. Tenacious Me

    Back to school for nursing. Help!

    ^ I agree. What would you like to specialize in? It's important that you be able to apply everything you've learned in theory to real world situations. Going straight through to your MSN may not afford you much time for on the job training. In my state, it's extremely difficult to find new RN grad positions in the hospital, never mind MSN jobs without experience. Just FFT.
  16. Tenacious Me

    Wanting to Work from Home

    I'm currently working from home as a case manager. It definitely has it's perks - saving money on gas, childcare costs, lunch, incidentals etc. The drawbacks - work is always there with you, frequent interruptions from family/friends and cabin fever. There are some days that I'm in my pajamas all day if I get really busy. You have to be motivated, good with time management and comfortable with working independently.

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