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    So fed up

    I have been a nurse since 2011. I recently found a job working in a SNF. I got into nursing because I wanted to be a perinatal nurse. I've applied to so many jobs (over 300). I'm even applying to med surg and anything that will give me acute care experience. So far I had 2 interviews and were turned down. I thought I did pretty good too. I know I am a very good nurse but I don't understand why people can't see that! I completed a new grad program about 2 years ago in the postpartum unit. Everyone from my class got hired except me (we were all in different units). I even had the support of almost all the nurses on the floor see the manager to try to get me in but she didn't want to hire me. She ended up hiring someone from out of state. So many patients had told me that I was really good to them and that I was an excellent nurse. So what I don't understand is why won't anyone give me a chance to let me work? I am just so frustrated. Don't get me wrong. I love my job now but it's just not what I picture myself doing. The facility is also located at a very rough neighborhood ( I've had a couple coworkers robbed at gun point and another who was badly beaten). I have to commute about an hour to get here. I have two very young kids so I have no choice to work. At the hospital they told me to move out of state to gain experience but how can I?? My family helps with my kids. I don't know. Sorry to vent but I'm just soooo frustrated and sad. There was a shooting and someone died right by the facility the other day and I've been thinking is it worth it? I had an interview the other day and was rejected.