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  1. Any West Texas A&M University rn to bsn out there?

    I have not started any four year university, frankly I've had to go back and retake numerous math classes at the local community college. Basic math, elem algebra, int algebra, then statistics-I'm getting ready for elementary alg for spring. Then in ...
  2. rn to bsn turtles pace

    Thanks SweettartRN, I've looked at the website. I'm not sure about the group projects, but 19 months is getting a little closer to what i'm looking for if I go the slow route. Whew this process can be time consuming. I'm still brainstorming, but I m...
  3. rn to bsn turtles pace

    Anyone looking into turtles pace rn to bsn programs out there. Three credit hours over 16 week sessions over many years. I am considering this as a possible option -only option I found is West Texas A&M. Let me know of any others.
  4. Online statistics class

    Hope you you can find a match. I plan on taking statistics at the local community college-where I can get help if I need it. Enjoy your experience
  5. Last minute~going back for BSN

    I've been an rn for 15 years and wish I would have done what you are doing. Most of us ADN's -bsn are going the distance learning route (online). check the distance learning section under the student tab if your interested. I'm considering Chamberlai...
  6. Thank you all for sharing your Chamberlain experiences (especially Lunah). I'm considering Chamberlain, Walden, or American Sentinel. I'm heavily weighted towards Chamberlain after reading all these posts. I see very few posts on Walden and American ...
  7. I need some extra prayers today please!!

  8. Anybody enrolled in West Texas A&M university rn to bsn program. I am considering this University as an option because of the ability to take 16 week courses (3credit hr) one at a time over many years. I prefer turtles pace compared to fast track...
  9. American Sentinel University rn to bsn

    Thank you, I'll take that into consideration. I'm all over the place when it comes to this decision. My issue is that I'm used to significant amounts of overtime and going to school would change that. I am also looking for an online program where I c...
  10. I'm new to allnurses, I am inquiring about many rn to bsn programs. Anyone heard anything about American Sentinel University. It seems to good to be true. ADN+RN+thier 30 hours of nursing=bsn half the cost of Chamberlain and Walden.