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obenfermera1 has 16 years experience and specializes in Obstetrics.

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  1. What do patients say that irks you?

    Patient walks up to triage desk accompanied by her twelve family members, three suitcases and five pillows...... Patient: Hi! I'm having my baby, my doctor said he'd be here waiting on me, my contractions were every 20 minutes this morning, but they...
  2. healthcare cost

    Aaccck! I just typed out a post and it disappeared into the ether....dang. Short version....I agree with all the stuff xtxrn said, you go sister!
  3. Lack of basic care--appalling!

    Way back when there were actually techs/aides/CNAs on the floor every shift for real I remember these things - baths, oral care, linen changes- were done in a much more consistent manner.....I miss ya'll!! Now, I am more likely to come into a laborin...
  4. Pregnant and Worried New Nurse

    Just saw your response post about having already worked at this facility for a while.....In this case, you're GOLDEN! Relax and enjoy your pregnancy!
  5. Pregnant and Worried New Nurse

    Absolutely positively what MassED said!! Pregnancy is supposed to be treated like any other medical issue, which means you have every right to keep it to yourself. Although the flip side is that SOMETIMES it can be nice for your co-workers/charge nur...
  6. extra shifts

    Nope, no DEEP guilt, but I do feel bad for my co-workers as you mentioned. I'm also one of those pesky Part Time nurses that have the gall to choose NOT to work full-time and am very rarely able to work extra because of child care issues. I have to ...
  7. I didn't know I was pregnant?

    Hmmm, Do RNs in the other specialties get as jaded and cynical as us L&D nurses? I've often wondered this....I was a pretty skeptical person even before nursing school, but in 16 years I have turned into one of the most unimpressed and unsympathe...
  8. Does your facility hire new grads into L & D?

    Yes, my facility repeatedly hires new grads into L&D and repeatedly beats them into the ground until they quit, have a nervous breakdown or somehow manage to struggle through the trenches despite it all. Usually 4-6 get hired every year, maybe on...
  9. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    i saw a story on odd celebrity baby names just yesterday... jermaine jackson has a child (not sure if it's a girl or boy) named [color=yellowgreen]jermajesty i mean, seriously?
  10. CLC / RNC

    Here in L&D there's no push (or even mention of) CLC yet, thank god! RNC on the other hand is aggressively pushed, much to my dismay......yes, sadly I'm in the mid life crisis/burned out L&D nurse category....anywho, at my hospital we get a ...
  11. new job/health insurance/pregnancy...

    # 1..Yeah, what cherrybreeze said.... why would you stress yourself out if you don't have to? You're talking about finding out definite answers in September! Safe sex only until September isn't really "putting off having a family" is it? Just makes s...
  12. Kudos

    At my hospital (and the one I worked at previously 10 years ago) the L&D nurses do it all from pre-op until transfer to postpartum. This includes pre medication, shaving, pre-op checklist, dealing with patient and family, getting consents, callin...
  13. Vaginal Table set-up

    Our hospital also uses the 12 hour rule for a covered setup. IDK for uncovered as we just never uncover until the provider is ready to gown up/delivery is imminent. Our techs say 2 hours for an OR to be "open" but IDK if this is a standard or somethi...
  14. What do you see?

    Instead of the "kudos", (or in addition to if you prefer!) we need some smiley icons that match each one of these poster types so we can chime in and vote on a type for each poster....now THAT would probably put me under the crap stirrer category, bu...
  15. When is a patient your patient?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think this very issue is one of the current Joint Commission identified patient safety thingamajiggys. Their position on the matter is something like there should be an opportunity for the receiving nurse to receive report an...