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  1. Maysh

    Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    Yeahhh!!! We're so pumped for the upcoming changes.
  2. This post gives me hope. We've had the same case I retake the NCLEX- RN exam in Sept this year I'm 100% sure I didn't make it. Til one day I received a snail mail from the NY BON asking me to furnish my Infection Control Training. I searched a blog that had a same case of mine and found your post. Likewise, after I sent my Infection Control Certificate of Completion I waited for two wks prior to check my name in NY BON site. Surprisingly I saw my name with my license number. Thanks be to God I passed!
  3. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Thank you so much!. I owe it all to God :)
  4. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    It depends cause their are some things I considered before I retake the exam. But to give you my list for the year 2018, I retake the exam on March then May and my last and final take (Thank! God.) September.
  5. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Thanks. I purchased the new edition of Prioritization & Delegation by La Charity and finished it from cover to cover. Then I enrolled myself in Feur Review Center attended the 4 days live class that held in Watson Hotel in Manhattan and answered the Feur q&a online till the day of my exam.
  6. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Thanks and you're most welcome :)
  7. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Thank You.
  8. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Thanks! Absolutely it's gonna be grand long celebration:)
  9. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    @Sashy20 Yeah! Thanks. All to Him!.
  10. Maysh

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    My happiness can't contain as I unveil the "Pass" result of my NCLEX-RN exam today. This is my 8th time to take NCLEX-RN the most deadly wrecking exam I've ever taken. I encountered 3 SATA's in a row and it happened over and over again until I finished the entire exam-the 265 questions. My last questions was SATA again I tick all the boxes cause for me all the choices are correct and I thought even if I didn't get it right, the pass or fail decision won't base on this item. I feel so tortured as I finished the exam I was like there's is no way I will pass that exam. I didn't avail the quick results nor try the PVT trick. Instead I waited for the NY BON to mail me (whatever the result maybe). After one month and a half I received a letter from them asking me for a proof of Infection Control Training. I had no idea what exactly going on as I looked at the envelop I knew it is my candidate performance result but it's not!. I comply with their request and I let the two weeks pass. Today I decided to check my name in NY BON site. I'm completely shocked when I saw my name and my license number I constantly jumped for joy. Praise God!indeed. I owe my success to God- to Him alone!, I wouldn't make it if it wasn't for His miracles. Thankful for His guidance. Work the Harderst and Pray the hardest and God will lead you to success. Jer. 29:11 Prov. 3:5-6 James 1:5-6 "To God Be the Glory!"
  11. Maysh

    Anyone testing in June?

    Testing on 28th of June.
  12. Maysh

    Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    How was your exam?
  13. Maysh

    Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    How many questions are in Self assessment 1 & 2??? I just subscribed from uworld a few days ago & I haven't activated the self assessment yet.
  14. Maysh

    studying for CMSRN exam

    What is the best reviewer will you recommend???..
  15. Maysh

    ANCC Medical Surgical Certification

    Planning to take mine on October. What book will you recommend for the Q&A reviewer? that you think is the most helpful..