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    Do Bachelor's Degrees Save Lives? - The Facts about Earning a BSN

    Probably not. As of now you (and I) are chopped meat and risk not having a job in the near future. Once you earn your BSN you will be factored into the nice BSN statistics though. Not that your ADN and years of experience prior to earning your BSN had any contribution to you "saving lives and mattering"
  2. I had a nasty complaint from parents to management because I left the sliding glass door cracked open. The child was a trauma pt, vented, bolt, lines and all. The parents couldn't sleep comfortably with all the noises of course and I even caught her silencing the vent and crs monitor alarms. Unit was full so relocating the pt was not an option. It was explained to the parents that PICU tends to be a noisy environment and to bare with us. The answer was I don't care. I even suggested they take turns sleeping, possibly one going home nearby to sleep well and switch. How dare I. Lesson learned. Management sided with her of course in the name of customer service. It will be six yrs in a few weeks as a nurse and I am ready to hang my steth. I am rearranging my life to be able to make it on a few PRN shifts a month if need be and take a FT for 1/8 pay in a non-related field. I am too heart-broken of what nursing has become and how this is not what any of us went to school for. I am putting in my 2 weeks notice tomorrow and really mean it this time.
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    Dear Nurses: Please Forgive Me

    Yes Sometimes, it hurts to just think or wonder how you came across to a grieving family. Just last night, I held a mother crying at her child's poor prognosis (PICU trauma kiddo), while in the next room my other trauma with just an even bleak prognosis, the parents complained about me leaving the door cracked to run in and out between my two pts and they couldn't get quality sleep! The monitors were annoying, my constant presence in their room and pushing buttons on the many drips, perhaps a bit much. No matter how much I educated the couple, the end result was a complaint to management, because they couldn't sleep well. sigh Not to mention I was in charge and having to be very available to help my coworkers as well. Ah the disparity!
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    Dear Nurses: Please Forgive Me

    What a touching script. Thank you so much for sharing. On the other hand, as the bedside nurse, our jobs are truly difficult. The guilt of wanting to be more present and available to you, this same scenario times 3+ per shift, the pain we share with you although in a less intense way, adds up. Ah so many things.... Hugs!
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    Patient Care And Customer Service Are Not The Same!

    I live on a bordertown and my insurance pays for dentals and healthcare across the border. As a matter of fact, its WAY CHEAPER and i get more dental work for what is covered here over there, for example. I live in Texas.
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    Syringe feeding systems

    Sounds like a complete mess! We use medfusion pumps with BD clear syringes.
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    Children told to be tested for HIV after flu vaccines reused

    Interesting. My child gkt her flu shot and vaccines by an MA recently. In fact, the only nurse employed there is a NP and I see her rounding at ghe Childrens hosp I work at several days a week leaving no nurse on duty at the clinic. Also, recently my child had a double ear infection and was given IM rocephin every other day times three doses. We saw the NP who gave the injection that day. The two following doses her father brought her in since I was at work and the NP was not there so she was seen my one of the two MDs. He ddnt give the injectikn per her father.......so who did? Interesting.
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    New Grads Today v. New Grads From Years Ago

    Excuse my typos. Im typing from my phone.
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    New Grads Today v. New Grads From Years Ago

    I love speaking to lder nurses and from what has been shared with me, aside fromthe wonderful post above, is that people in general have changd as well. The patient became the customer. A lot less humbleness is going around. A sense of entitlement from both sides increased. More responsibilities given to the nurse, quadruple the redundant paperwork/charting. Nursing teaching quality has dimished and replaced with jibberish. We have become a very litigous society, etc etc I graduated in 2007, so a new nurse my self. I feel my nursing program only taught me the basics and outline of nursing. The real meat and potatoes I learned on the floor through hands on. Learning never ends and thats what keeps it interesting for me as I get bored easily in other types of work. Nursing is very stressful and like every other job out there, not every student or new grad has what it takes. Some do better in other types of work. You need to have many qualities to make it. You need to learnto pick up speed, make life saving decisions fast, be efficient without sacrificing quality, learn to like what you do, be humble and work well with all kinds of personalities, be assertive while being respectful, be ambitious, adapt fast to ever changing environments, work as a team not individually, be a mentor to newer nurses, learn to walk away from situations and come back to face them at a more appropriate time and I will repeat.......be a person pleasant to work with, have as coworker, pt and boss. Be VERY humble and know that is perhaps the best quality to possess.
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    I hate nursing..

    Nursing is hard work!! Takes at least a yr for you to either get accustomed to it or love it ;-) I love nursing!
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    Does Oxygen need to be prescribed?

    Slap the NC on, monitor, assess and call the MD for an order (or whatever he/she wants). Everywhere I have worked there are specific oxygen orders upon admission for everyone, even if oxygen is not expected. Ex: "Keep 02 sats greather than or equal to 88%" "Titrate to keep 02 sats above 92%".
  12. I work regional float pool. Everything except surgery. Love it
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    Sleeping on lunch break

    I think unless you have worked at 'most places' this statement is a bit far-fetched. At my place of employement, (5 hospitals same company, I work float pool at all locations), it is not a given. We are deducted a 30 min lunch and two 15 min breaks each 12 hr shift from our paychecks. We are not allowed to leave the facility unless we have approved coverage and clock out but otherwise may sleep, watch tv, play video games, whip out your ipad, pray, listed to your ipod or whatever you please in the designated employee break areas. When you take a lunch it must be approved by the charge nurse and she will cover it. If my pt chokes and needs CPR they are not going to go find me to perform CPR.............she will do it herself as the licensed and competent indivudual I left caring for my patients as I take my unpaid lunch. We are not inmates.........geez Having said that, read through your employee handbook or call HR and ask. It was not the same case at other places (states) I have worked at. Much luck to yoU!
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    LPN..Needing Advice on employment

    It's a stiff competition out there. I would just keep trying. Good luck
  15. Jessy_RN

    Night Shift For Newbies

    Great article! I love going shopping at wee hours of the morning (no customers) and getting housework and time to myself when the rest of the world sleeps. As far as converting to sleeping at night with the rest of the family on your off days.......I go straight to work on my last three day stretch, nap for about 3 hrs. Get up, keep myself busy and go to sleep that night with them.
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    Nurse uses same needle on patients for months

    My heart goes out to those patients that were put at risk. I can't believe to imagine that the nurse thought this thing had an endless needle supply. It's not a lead pencil for crying out loud! Seems like no common sense would have hit after a few days not a month. I don't know.
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    NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    I did the opposite. Didn't care about walking on stage to get a fake diploma with the entire college, so I didn't go. I went to the pinning ceremony only because it was only nursing and it was great to celebrate with the people I studied with, sacrificed so much and spent so much time with while in the nursing program.
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    Problems with shift to shift report

    I always give the highlights of what brought them in, and then start from head to toe. Neuro, respiratory, cardiac, GI, musculoskeltal etc. I work float pool and flip flop from kiddos to adults and this has always helped me. gl
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    NEED 4 Nurse Interviews!!!! FOR BSN

    I'd love to take the interview; however, I am chopped liver (non-BSN). Oh well.
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    acls classes easier then pals?

    About the same for me too. I enjoyed PALS much better though since I primarily work with the kiddos
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    How do I go from med/surg ICU to NICU???

    I went from med-surg to NICU after year experience. I applied to an internal position and although I had no related experience was hired. My advice, just apply and market yourself. I had no problems transitioning over. NICU is a total different monster and nothing in nursing school prepares you for it so just be eager and willing to learn, listen and read lots. I wouldn't trade it for any other kind of nursing. Good luck to you both!
  22. Yes, our head neonatologist had a huge and fancy party for the staff including a nice raffle that included ipads, etc. VERY, nice of him. I didn't go because I had to work.
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    will nursing ever be in demand again?

    Perhaps, but meanwhile what the new grads supposed to do. Sit home and stale. By then, fresh crop with fresh ideas will hit the market and the 'stale' crop will be where? It's a cycle.
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    Paying for your own training as a new grad

    I'd love to read the actual email. Seems like little by little things are progressing slowly to conditions like the Phillipines where new grads pay to work.
  25. Jessy_RN

    New RN looking for NICU position in PA

    Unfortunately, new grads now days cannot be picky. Long are the days when you could get hired into your desired specialty. You might want to go into peds or nursery (if available) or broaden where you are willing to work and then transition into the NICU when a position becomes available. I did just that and started off in medsurg a few yrs ago and then transitioned into NICU. Not saying it is impossible or that you will not find a NICU job currently, just that it is going to be possibly very difficult right now. I'd take anything if you find it over waiting to find a NICU position and risk becoming an "Old new grad". Good luck