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  1. I live in California, my hospital is doing OK for now. Our ICU is filled with covid+ patients, we also have 1 dedicated unit (44 beds). The hospital is updating us with daily emails regarding the number of positive and suspected patients. As of today's update, we have about 140 total positive, currently about 30-35 positive, suspected 10-15, recovered 35-40 (I give a range instead of actual number because I don't remember exactly). Nurses are being cross-trained and or are being ICU extenders/helpers.
  2. PeekaPooh

    Flu + Observation patients...go home please.

    I think it's just the behavior/manner issues that many patients are coming in with. I don't know about your area, but the hospitals around here are all about magnet status and patients satisfaction surveys. So management tries to please patients as much as possible even when they're in the wrong most of the time, which leading to nurses getting disrespected/mistreated from patients. Nursing isn't as joyful and respected the same as back in the day anymore. This patient that you described sounds like he has experience coming to the hospital enough times to probably speak/demand things like this?
  3. PeekaPooh

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    yea thanks for your input. the problem is it's not that easy to find another job right away. and most likely every hospital is going to come up with some kind of tactic to preserve masks with this covid-19 going on. it's probably just going to be the same crap with just different pile.
  4. PeekaPooh

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    any advice on the matter? I mean how can one go against management when they proposed such protocol at a time like this? what would you do, just curious?
  5. PeekaPooh

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    My unit is even worse. Not only they locked up the masks, so that patients cannot steal them. They are also not allowing us to wear masks in the hallways of the unit. A few of our staff are under the weather/sick themselves and were told to remove the masks while in the hallways...Yet, we see doctors wearing N-95 masks the whole time in the hallways, patients' rooms, throughout the hospital. One doctor even said to me "I'm not taking any chances." The only people who are allowed to wear masks are those who didn't get the flu vaccine for the season. And obviously our management doesn't dare to speak up to the doctors when the doctors are wearing masks in the hallways, they only talk to the RNs and CNAs, those who are below their status...Staff on our unit are not happy with this, but no one can do anything about it.
  6. PeekaPooh

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    Even so it shouldn't affect the pay rate per hour. It would only affect the gross wages and net pay, no?
  7. PeekaPooh

    New nurse, how incompetent am I really?

    Hmm what a weird residency program that you are in. Have you try talking to other nurses about your residency program to see if this is how it's supposed to be or what? But yea, do speak to your manager/supervisor and see what is up?
  8. PeekaPooh

    What would you do?

    You can volunteer to help the poor and the sick. This will bring value to the world and purpose and meaning in your life. With the money that you are making, you can use a bit of it to make a difference in the less fortunate for sure. You don't have to go into nursing to carry out these things. It's good that you have a heart though. You are at the top of the pyramid of the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs though 🙂
  9. PeekaPooh

    MA being called "nurse"

    why don't you ask the MA that works with that doctor... hey that doctor keeps calling u as a nurse, is she joking or is there an inside joke or what?
  10. PeekaPooh

    Should I resign, or wait it out?

    hmm based on your story, it seems like you have a choice to make. Either quit this job, or quit your independent contractor job? Which one do you prefer? You can try and ask them if you can just resign instead of them firing you during the meeting. Since either way you are going to meet up with them, right? Maybe have a resignation in hand when you go just in case.
  11. PeekaPooh

    Should I resign, or wait it out?

    do you have a union rep that you can reach out to at your work place?
  12. PeekaPooh

    Best men's watch for male nurses

    so what did you get OP, if you're still around : )
  13. PeekaPooh

    Starting job as an ER Tech soon + very nervous

    Sometimes it's the feeling of unknown that causes anxiety. Right now, you don't know what to expect and how it will be like. Once you start the job and get used to the daily routine, the level of anxiety should go down. Perhaps, google search a bit for something like "what's a daily ER tech would be like" to get some ideas. Or talk to someone, your teacher, your classmates, etc to see how it's like. Here is 1 youtube video talking about ER tech:
  14. PeekaPooh

    First Semester Nursing School - Tips??

    Oh yes, get to clinical/externship/internship early is another good tip from BagelBomber. Nurses that you will follow or being assigned to love students who show up early. Those students are the ones who are prepared because they already looked up patients info. On my unit, a few nurses (good ones too) refused to take students who are late. But then of course it varies from places to places and nurses to nurses 🙂
  15. PeekaPooh

    Classmates who cheat

    I think you should do the right thing by telling the teacher what is going on, perhaps provide proof too if possible. Tell them to keep your identity hidden if you don't want them to know. Or find a way to tell someone on the school board about it. Based on your story, it seems like it has been going on for a while from 1 semester to another and so forth. Even your seat-mate gave in instead of trying harder... imagine if this keeps going... it's going to affect a lot of students in the future. Just my 2 cents.
  16. PeekaPooh

    Considering dropping out of school

    Perhaps, explain to FAFSA your condition via written letter and show them proof that most of your money goes to your mother's medical bills. Maybe, some receipts, and doctor's written medical diagnosis, and personal bills? I mean it's a lot of private information that you may not want to tell them, but it's worth a shot? And see what they will say? You could also ask your dad to be a co-signer, or a trusted friend? OR you could borrow your dad's or trusted friend some money, this way you don't have to pay interest :), or maybe a discounted interest 🙂 These are just some of the things I would try if I were to be in your shoes.