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  1. happyhaeju

    Question about two chemo meds

    Hanging two chemo med --doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide-- which one has to hang first. And what is the rational would be?.Thank you for any response.
  2. happyhaeju

    CCRN Study group in OC,CA

    Is there anybody want to study CCRN Together with me? (female)
  3. happyhaeju

    Just arrested..

    I just arrested with DV, but the case was dismissed. Can Hospital find out it by checking background? I didn't say "yes" on conviction part because it was not conviction or any. Recently I was all most hired after interview but they canceled it without any explanation after a few days so that I guess it is because of that record after background check. Does any one know anything about that? Any advice? Any piece will help.