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  1. Clinical Site Background Check

    I'm just devastated at the idea that all my hard work could be undone by something that was truly just a dumb mistake. I'm making a motion for expunction ASAP, but even if its granted, it wouldn't be til november at the earliest according to attorn...
  2. I submitted my application at the beginning of Feb. But because of the system used to evaluate applications involves grades and performance in the spring semester, the school didn't look at or evaluate "good candidate" apps until the 1rst week of J...
  3. Clinical Site Background Check

    Hi there, I've been spending a load of time on this site, reading forums and news, and I'm loving it. Now, on to my question: I've been accepted to my school's ADN program, and carry a cumulative 3.83 GPA. I tested negative on the drug tests (but tha...