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  1. How many MDS nurses where you work

    I'm a DON at a 90 bed facility and we run on average a census of 80. I have one MDS nurse and my ADON's responsibilities are split between me and the MDS nurse. She helps with ltcmi's, restorative program, care plan reviews and passr. My question is ...
  2. Refusal of drug test reportable?

    I recently asked a nurse to submit a drug test due to a complaint I recd regarding drug use in my facility. He refused drug test. Is the refusal reportable to the board? He admitted the use of drug. May have an eye witness....thanks for your help.
  3. I am about to start a job as DON at a facility I worked at previously as an LVN. I've already heard the whispers etc...there are what I would consider to be known troublemakers at this facility, constantly stirring up drama and creating dissent amon...
  4. MDS training question

    I am currently an LVN in Texas, I graduated in 2011 and I am about to start RN school next month. I want to become MDS certified, but not sure if I can as an LVN. Do you have to be an RN before you can go thru training? And where do I find a train...
  5. Navarro ADN-RN program Fall 2012

    I applied to the LVN-RN bridge and we rec'd our emails last Monday. I got in! Anyone else out there in the bridge program?
  6. Navarro LVN Program 2012

    I just graduated from Navarro South in Aug 2011. I didn't know what my points were before. Maybe they are doing it different this year. Did you have any college classes towards RN? How did you do on your Accuplacer?
  7. Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    We were told at the info session I went to in November, that they would email results this year by April 1st. Did anyone else hear that? I wrote it down so I'm thinking I heard correctly lol. Anyone applying to the bridge?
  8. Anyone know info on Providence Park, Waco

    Hi, I was curious if anyone knows how much Providence Park pays LVN's? I have an interview and it's almost an hour drive, so I'm curious if it would be worth the drive??
  9. Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    That's awful Ryan! I would talk to the Dean.
  10. Students cheating on tests....

    Babylady, honestly, I cannot explain it any clearer. But you still do not understand. I would never report anything unless I was sure. It is not rumor. I have held what they have in my hands and I KNOW. End of story.
  11. Students cheating on tests....

    I'm not going to go into the whole process, but trust me it was done. And by the way you sound like you are going to be very good at therapeutic communication
  12. Students cheating on tests....

    And as bad as I hate to say it, it may be the case some places that it's who you know not what you know. But who you know will not last forever.... Sounds like you are a real winner.
  13. Students cheating on tests....

    OMG you so misinterpreted what I said! Let me break it down for you. A student in the program last year, at the end of every test, wrote down the answers to that test, then passed it down to a student in the program this year. The tests have not c...
  14. Students cheating on tests....

    To Babylady, yes, I have witnessed their cheating. And I'm not jealous, because I do my own work and still make good grades. The information they are using is not "notes". It comes from last years tests, where a previous student wrote down what t...
  15. Is it just me???

    Well, I haven't rec'd C's, but I know where you are coming from. Have been an all A student previously and without a whole lot of studying. I have a very hard time making the B's, which isn't a bad thing, but it will drive you crazy if you let it. ...